A Review of Austin Liposuction Options

With all of the demand in Austin for medical procedures that are geared toward body sculpture, many new potential patients who seek liposuction as their ideal choice are hoping to find a variety of liposuction reviews, detailed information about each, and an overall valid perspective from each practice on why their form of liposuction is […]

A New Liposuction Alternative in Austin

A revolutionary new liposuction alternative and the first ever in Austin is finally here. It’s called Body-Jet liposuction and it’s a method that effectively removes fat permanently to gain the body that you’ve always wanted. Body-Jet uses a fan-shaped laminar jet that simultaneously irrigates and removes fatty tissue. The gentle separation of fat cells from […]

Finding The Best Liposuction Treatment

It’s hard to sort out the competing claims about the various liposuction procedures. Where’s the best place? Who’s the best doctor? These questions rank near the top of every patient’s mindset when trying to find the best liposuction treatments for such a popular and important cosmetic decision. Liposuction has been around for quite some time and the […]

Austin Liposuction

BODY-JET LIPO vs. SMART LIPO With so many “new liposuction” techniques and devices becoming available in the Austin liposuction market today, it can quickly become very confusing to a potential patient as to which method to choose. Two of the most recent advancements in liposuction technology include the utilization of lasers and water jets to […]

Spring Into That Summer Body with BodyJet Lipo

2017 is now well and truly underway and as we begin to say goodbye to the winter and welcome the arrival of warmer weather, we’re already beginning to think about summer! With shorts, skirts, summer dresses and bathing suits to look forward to, now is the time to get our summer bodies ready. But for […]

Lunchtime Lipo? The Non Surgical Lipo Procedure That Can Obliterate Inches of Stubborn Fat

Many people are looking for a non surgical lipo procedure in Austin that can help them to achieve a slimmer, sleeker body shape without the expense, inconvenience and long recovery time that traditional surgical procedures such as liposuction and tummy tucks entail. Here at our medical spa, we specialize in a wide variety of fast […]

Things You Should Know About Body-Jet Liposuction

Liposuction continues to be one of the most popular of all cosmetic procedures. In addition to being one of the most commonly performed cosmetic procedures liposuction is one of the most talked about. Very few people who are concerned about their figure have not at least considered having a liposuction procedure performed. However, many people […]

Liposuction 101 – understanding 3 key treatment types

Liposuction is a popular cosmetic procedure for those who want to smooth and improve their body shape, but there are a number of different treatment types that many find confusing when considering the treatment. Although the basics of lipo remain unchanged – excess fat is removed from the body – the processes doctors use can […]

Liposuction in Austin Just Got a Little Better

Having liposuction in Austin is now faster and easier on your body than ever before. The new and improved method of liposuction known as body-jet® can help you to achieve the most gentle, yet effective, method of removing large, unwanted quantities of fat from the body. Ideally, you would like for any liposuction procedure to […]

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