By Aesthetica Med Spa
Liposuction is a popular cosmetic procedure for those who want to smooth and improve their body shape, but there are a number of different treatment types that many find confusing when considering the treatment. Although the basics of lipo remain unchanged – excess fat is removed from the body – the processes doctors use can vary greatly and give different results. We’ll talk you through three of the most popular methods below.

Traditional liposuction

During standard liposuction tubes are inserted below the skin via small incisions in order to suction out fat. The tubes must be moved around quite vigorously beneath the skin in order to successfully remove fatty deposits, and as a result of this patients will experience very severe swelling and bruising afterwards. Usually a local anaesthetic is used to numb the area, though occasionally if very large areas of fat are to be treated the procedure will be performed under a general anaesthetic to minimise discomfort.

Laser liposuction

This technique uses low-energy lasers to break up fat before it is removed from the body. Many people opt for laser liposuction in Austin because less force is required to remove the fat, resulting in a little less swelling and bruising and a faster recovery. We’d advise opting for laser lipo in Austin for small areas of fat, for example on the neck and jowls, since the treatment isn’t as suitable for large areas.

Body jet liposuction

This method, also know as water jet liposuction, uses a pulsating spray of saline solution that helps to break up the fat, making removal much easier without the doctor having to use extreme force. There is far less swelling and bruising as a result, which makes recovery far quicker, and since only a local anaesthetic is required there is minimal downtime. Another benefit of body jet lipo is that the practitioner has more control of the fat removal, which means better contouring and a smoother result.

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