By Aesthetica Med Spa
Having liposuction in Austin is now faster and easier on your body than ever before. The new and improved method of liposuction known as body-jet® can help you to achieve the most gentle, yet effective, method of removing large, unwanted quantities of fat from the body. Ideally, you would like for any liposuction procedure to be minimally invasive, produce less swelling and pain, and not require the usage of general anesthesia. All of these liposuction goals are now achievable using body-jet® liposuction technology. Liposuction in Austin just got a little better. What is liposuction by body-jet®? Having your liposuction done in Austin is a unique experience because Body-jet® liposuction technology is only available in a few offices nationwide. The way it works is that it is actually a water jet assisted liposuction method that literally washes the fat out of the body with a gentle, watery spray emitted from a micro-cannula. The patented saline solution and technique also contains epinephrine and lidocaine, and their addition allows for a near painless treatment, and minimizes swelling in the treated areas. This technique delivers pulses of saline fluids to gently dislodge fat from the surrounding connective tissue. This eliminates the need for manual force and causes less trauma to the surrounding structures, including nerves and blood vessels. With this type of technology available, liposuction in Austin is now more advanced than ever. What is the recovery like for liposuction body-jet® patients? Less manual pressure is needed to remove fat with this method. As a consequence, we have done hundreds of cases without the use of general anesthesia. In, fact, we have never “put someone out” to do liposuction. Patients can take a calming medication (on request, not required), and then with the use of both topical and infused lidocaine, office and at home care and discomfort is minimized. Liposuction in Austin by body-jet® has shown itself to be clearly superior to more traditional methods, dramatically reducing the treatment session length, and creating less swelling and bruising. Most patients are back to work and resume normal activities within a few days. Why doesn’t everyone use a liposuction body-jet® machine? Well, that would be because a body-jet® costs the physician about $80,000. However, we find that our pricing is at least as competitive as or possibly more competitive than other offices offering liposuction in Austin. Can I do fat harvesting in conjunction with the liposuction body-jet®? After the fat is dislodged, it is removed or harvested from the body during the liposuction procedure. This fat may then be purified and used as a natural filler, which may be injected into other areas of the body, such as the face and hands. We are also now filling buttocks areas with fat harvested by the body-jet®. This all natural filler comes from you own body, and is rich in stem cells, and lasts for years, if not life. The fat filling injections may be done during the same appointment, immediately following the liposuction procedure. What is recovery like with body-jet® liposuction? Many Austin liposuction patients can drive themselves home after this out-patient procedure. We do have all patients drive themselves to the office the next day for bandage changes (all incisions are small and do not require stitches). All-in-all, as one who has had liposuction a few times, this one is easy, healthy, and promotes rapid recovery while yielding excellent results. Liposuction in Austin has truly arrived.