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Introduction to BOTOX

Getting older means different things to everyone. Some look at age as a life well lived, while others only see their youth fading away. Regardless of your thoughts about aging, most of us are never thrilled to LOOK older. There are many different types of skin rejuvenation products and injectables available so it can be a bit of a minefield to choose the right one.

At Aesthetica MedSpa, we strive to provide our Austin BOTOX patients not only stellar results but also a pleasant experience with no secrets and a full understanding of what they can expect. To read more about the wrinkle-relaxing options we provide, and some other conditions that BOTOX can treat, please read below!

What is BOTOX?

The actual name of BOTOX is Botulinum toxin or botulinum neurotoxin, a natural, purified protein administered in very low doses. This non-surgical procedure is a minimally invasive wrinkle relaxer that uses neurotoxins, also referred to as neuromuscular toxins, which are primarily used to smooth skin and alleviate wrinkles and smile lines.

BOTOX prevents nerve signals from stopping targeted facial muscles from moving. This may sound a little scary, but when used in very small quantities, neurotoxins can successfully relax the muscles that are the cause of facial lines.


Dysport is rapidly growing in popularity and is a very in-demand treatment at Aesthetica MedSpa. This FDA-approved treatment takes just a few minutes, requires very little recovery time, and does not require an anesthetic.

Dysport is a neurotoxin that works similarly to Botox – it contains botulinum toxin A, which works to temporarily reduce muscle movement in a localized area to smooth out wrinkles and lines. It is known to take effect a little faster than Botox, which is ideal for those who want rapid results. When having your procedure performed at our clinic you can expect to experience beautifully smooth skin within just one to three days, whereas, with Botox, the effects are not usually seen until three to five days after treatment. It may take up to two full weeks to see the full effect of either product.

Dysport treatments take around five minutes to perform and are relatively pain-free, although a numbing cream is available for those who would like it. The Dysport injection is administered via an extremely fine needle into the muscles in the treatment area. This may be around the eyes to reduce the appearance of crow’s feet, or around the mouth or forehead to minimize lines in these areas. Once injected, the substance blocks the signals which usually run from nerves to muscles. This reduces muscle activity to minimize the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

The effects of Dysport injections last around three months, so you can expect to enjoy continuously smooth, youthful skin when having the procedure from three to four times each year.

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Hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating, occurs as a result of hyperactive sweat glands which produce more sweat than is needed to regulate the body’s temperature. Botox injections have been approved by the FDA* as a successful way to treat; the procedure works by blocking nerve signals that cause the glands to produce sweat. To learn more about how BOTOX can help you with Hyperhidrosis, please visit our dedicated page HERE.

More than just a cosmetic treatment, Botox has a wide variety of medical uses, one of which is Chronic Migraine Treatment. Botox is helping hundreds of people to cut the frequency of their headaches and migraines in half. 3.2 million people in the US currently suffer from Chronic Migraines. To learn more about how BOTOX can help your Migraines, please visit our dedicated page HERE.

We’re sure you’ve heard many aestheticians and plastic surgeons singing the praises of BOTOX for wrinkles and cosmetic concerns. But what about BOTOX as a medical treatment for other ailments elsewhere in the body? Aesthetica Medspa may have years of experience offering BOTOX treatments in Austin to a wide range of loyal clientele, but this recent crop of leading-edge treatments is taking cosmetic BOTOX injections to the next level. Here are some new and exciting ways professionals are using BOTOX as advanced medicine:

  • EYE MUSCLE DISORDERS – Eye muscle disorders are also approved for Austin BOTOX injections by the FDA. Those with eye muscle spasms and chronic disorders may find temporary symptom control with BOTOX treatment.
  • EYEBROW FURROWS – Eyebrow furrows are perhaps the most common condition to be addressed with our Austin BOTOX injections. Clients everywhere loved the results of this procedure so much that it encouraged further investigation into the additional potential benefits of BOTOX.
  • HAIR LOSS – Hair loss affects millions worldwide. Thanks to an isolated active protein in BOTOX that has shown stimulatory properties for hair growth in trial studies, the same treatment that works for wrinkles may also help to stop hair loss.
  • NECK MUSCLE DISORDERS – Neck muscle disorders are among the limited FDA-approved conditions to be treated using BOTOX Treatments, helping to alleviate strained neck muscles and chronic pain in this area.
  • OVERACTIVE BLADDER AND INCONTINENCE – Overactive bladder and incontinence issues have shown improvement in those treated with BOTOX injections. This condition was only recently added to the list of ailments approved by the FDA to be treated with the injectable drug.
  • PELVIC MUSCLE SPASMS – Pelvic muscle spasms are now being treated with BOTOX, using the same drug that paralyzes select facial muscles to eliminate wrinkles to relax spasming pelvic muscles, when injected locally into this area. This is especially helpful to those experiencing chronic side effects after a stroke or pelvic injury.
  • SPEECH IMPEDIMENTS AND VOCAL CHORD AILMENT – Speech impediments and vocal chord ailment symptom-control through BOTOX treatments may be among the most advanced breakthroughs in recent medicine. Through experimentation, doctors found injecting BOTOX into the Larynx helped to alleviate some problems with speech and vocal cords.
  • TMJ AND JAW TENSION – TMJ and jaw tension affect a growing number of Americans, but recent studies provide hope for patients and people everywhere with this condition. BOTOX is now increasingly used to treat select TMJ symptoms in long-suffering patients successfully.

What are the Benefits of BOTOX?

Compared to surgical cosmetic procedures, injectables, and fillers are faster, less expensive, and less invasive. Some of the benefits our Austin BOTOX patients have seen from their treatments are:

Who are the Best Candidates for BOTOX?

If you are interested in Austin BOTOX injections but are still trying to decide if you are a good candidate, here are some basic qualifications:

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What’s the First Step?

To get BOTOX at Aesthetica MedSpa in Austin, TX, the first thing you will need to do is schedule an in-office consultation. When you come in for this appointment, you will be asked about your medical history, be able to meet with your Skin Care Specialist to discuss your goals from BOTOX, get any questions answered, and receive an evaluation of the targeted areas. After we have a better idea of how to help you achieve your desired appearance, and if you agree with their assessment, then you will be able to receive your injection that day, or if you’d prefer, you can schedule a better time for you with our Patient Coordinator.

When discussing your medical history, we encourage you to be as open as possible with the provider. Your honesty and clarity help them make the best choices for you to ensure a healthy recovery with optimal results.

What to Expect on the Day of BOTOX

When you are ready for your treatment, it will begin with your face being cleansed off, so we suggest not wearing makeup when you come in. Next, your Specialist will offer you a numbing cream or cold compress to numb the treatment areas for a more comfortable experience. Some tiny marks may be made in strategic locations where the injections will be inserted.

Your treatment starts with the Specialist injecting very low doses of the toxin using an ultra-fine needle directly into the marked area to help you achieve your best appearance. The injected locations will be carefully and gently massaged, ensuring to not spread the toxin around too much, but just enough to give you an even look. If this was your very first treatment, you may need to stay at our office for about 15 minutes to make sure you don’t have an allergic reaction.

A typical botox treatment takes about 15 to 20 minutes to complete from start to finish but can vary from patient to patient.

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BOTOX Recovery

Thankfully, there is no real downtime or serious recovery time following your BOTOX treatment so you will be able to go about your day as you normally would once you are cleared to leave. Please avoid rubbing the injection sites for at least two days to avoid migrating the toxin injectable to unintended locations. If this happens, it could cause potential facial weakness or drooping.

We highly recommend taking it easy with more aggressive activities like working out to allow the toxin to settle into place. There will probably be some mild puffiness or pain in the injection areas that will dissipate over the next 24 – 48 hours. While the treatment is not permanent, it is long-lasting with the average patient enjoying their BOTOX results typically for 4-6 months.

How Much Does BOTOX Cost in Austin?

The cost of BOTOX in Austin, TX will be different for every patient as it depends on the amount of botulinum toxin that is used, which brand you get, and the facial areas treated, among a few other factors. When you come in for your consultation and the specialist can see what you need, you will be provided with a better idea of how much your tailored treatment plan will cost.

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Why Choose Us

We know that there are several BOTOX clinics available, so it can be stressful when searching for the right place for you. At Aesthetica Med Spa, our primary goal is to deliver cutting-edge cosmetic treatments within an environment that is warm and inviting. We go above and beyond traditional anti-aging therapies, offering advanced skin treatments and clinically proven techniques to enhance both facial appearance and body contour. What sets us apart is our extensive experience in the field of aesthetics. We have remained at the forefront of the latest treatments and technologies since 1999, ensuring that our clients receive the most advanced and effective care available.

The Perfect Treatment For You

Schedule Your Consultation

To enjoy the benefits of the BOTOX cosmetic, start by contacting us to arrange an appointment. The consultations are free, and you will be able to speak to a member of our experienced team about your options. You can discuss the problem areas you’d like to rectify and we can advise which muscle groups you should have an injection in to get the best results.

Contact us today for your initial consultation and then look forward to gorgeously smooth, youthful skin.

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