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Many people are looking for a non surgical lipo procedure in Austin that can help them to achieve a slimmer, sleeker body shape without the expense, inconvenience and long recovery time that traditional surgical procedures such as liposuction and tummy tucks entail. Here at our medical spa, we specialize in a wide variety of fast and effective non surgical procedures that are helping our patients achieve the body they’ve always dreamed of, and the latest is an incredible treatment called Strawberry Laser.

Making Waves in the Media

Strawberry Lipo Laser was originally developed in the UK, but since its launch here in the USA, it has quickly grown in popularity thanks to its exposure on the Rachael Ray Show and the Doctors Show, as well as in several magazines. When Rachael Ray showcased Strawberry Laser, a volunteer who had struggled for years to get rid of unwanted fat around her mid section underwent the procedure and lost a total of eight inches over four areas of her body. Commenting on the incredible and fast results that the volunteer experienced, Rachael gave it her seal of approval, saying: “This really is remarkable, and this doesn’t hurt; it’s certainly reasonably priced compared to surgery, and if you follow this up with a healthy diet, there’s no reason to say that it doesn’t last. It’s amazing, it really is.” On The Doctors Show, a mom trialed Strawberry Laser in an attempt to rectify her stubborn “mommy thighs” which she had struggled to get back into shape after having her two children. While undergoing the procedure for the first time, she described how comfortable it is – “It’s super comfortable, it’s really warm – it’s like a heat blanket.” When asked if she’d like to continue with the full course of Strawberry Laser treatments, she said “Absolutely!” Strawberry in the press… The Sun “I feel fantastic and haven’t been this size since before the kids. The only negative is I can’t fit in any of my old clothes!” GRAZIA “The tape measure doesn’t lie and we can confirm that you’ll lose inches with Strawberry Laser Lipo.” ELLE magazine “Two weeks on and I still look like a tricep dip queen.” Daily Mail “With traditional liposuction, patients could be left with saggy skin but lasers tighen the skin as they liquefy fat, so results are better. Patients can permanently lose inches from thighs, love handles, stomach, knees and even upper arms in one session with no pain or downtime.” The ‘Doctor’ show: On the show a lady lost inches off of her thighs whilst live on the set. Rachael Ray’s show: 8 inches reduced LIVE on TV in just 20mins by the Strawberry with Dr. Halpern. M.D.

An ‘as seen on TV’ Procedure That Really Works

The media hype around Strawberry Laser has certainly pushed it further into the public eye, but it is the FDA clinical trials that speak the loudest about the efficacy of this non surgical lipo procedure. In a double-blind study, it was found that patients lost an average of 3.7 inches from their mid section after just eight 20-minute long treatments. Plus, there were absolutely zero adverse effects reported during the trial, which is testament to the painlessness and safety of the procedure. Although results differ from patient to patient, most experience a loss of at least two inches after a course of eight treatments. Since the procedure is completely safe and harmless, it can be performed as many times as you’d like if you want more dramatic results. It’s also possible to have one treatment every other day, so if you’re looking for a non surgical lipo procedure that gives very fast results, Strawberry Lipo Laser is an excellent choice.

Other Non Surgical Procedure Options

We think it’s important to have a range of non surgical procedure options available to suit a variety of needs and budgets, so as well as offering Strawberry Laser for fat loss, we can also provide: – Bodyjet Liposuction – a gentler alternative to traditional liposuction which can help you achieve excellent body contouring with a short recovery time. – ThermiRF – a procedure which uses temperature-controlled radio frequency to tighten and shrink skin and tissues, and is a great alternative to surgery for tightening up skin laxity all over the body. To find out which non surgical procedure is the best choice for you to combat stubborn fat and loose skin, book a free consultation with one of our expert clinicians.

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