By Aesthetica Med Spa

2017 is now well and truly underway and as we begin to say goodbye to the winter and welcome the arrival of warmer weather, we’re already beginning to think about summer! With shorts, skirts, summer dresses and bathing suits to look forward to, now is the time to get our summer bodies ready. But for those of us with stubborn fat and lingering lumps and bumps, the idea of donning our more revealing summer outfits fills us with dread. Sound like you? The revolutionary form of liposuction, BodyJet, could be your summer savior.

The Basics of BodyJet

BodyJet Lipo is a method of water assisted liposuction which is designed to be much less aggressive than traditional liposuction. Just as with any lipo procedure, it involves removing fat from beneath the skin, but rather than using the brute force needed in traditional methods, BodyJet uses pulses of a diluted anesthetic solution to loosen and dislodge fat with minimal trauma.

A huge benefit of BodyJet is that it causes less bruising and discomfort than traditional lipo because less force is required to separate the fatty tissue from the body. Since it’s so gentle, there’s no need for a general anesthetic, meaning recovery is far faster and simpler. The majority of BodyJet patients can return to work and get back to their normal routines within just a couple of days.

Perfect for Banishing Stubborn Fat

BodyJet is ideal for people who only have a few problem areas in which they struggle to get rid of excess fat, most commonly on the stomach, just above the hips or on the mid back. Since BodyJet is less aggressive than normal lipo, it allows physicians to have much better control over fat removal in order that they can target localized areas of fat without causing distortion of the body’s natural contours, something that is risky when performing traditional liposuction on smaller, targeted areas.

If you’ve ever been frustrated about the appearance of your ‘muffin top’ while wearing a bikini, BodyJet Lipo is an excellent solution for smoothing out the figure and creating a more streamlined, feminine silhouette. Equally, if you’ve been hitting the gym hard and are frustrated that your ab gains aren’t visible beneath stubborn belly fat, BodyJet is a fantastic way to gently sculpt the body so that you can show off your hard work when you hit the beach on your summer vacation!

The Best Candidates for a Summer BodyJet Makeover

Those who are very close to their ideal weight tend to be the best candidates for BodyJet Lipo, because it is designed to help sculpt the body and reveal natural body contours in very specific areas. It can be performed on various areas of the body, so no matter where your stubborn fat remains, it could be an excellent solution.

Since recovery is quick and swelling and bruising is absolutely minimal, it’s also an excellent procedure for those who have a busy schedule and don’t have the time for a lengthy recovery. Results are visible as soon as the procedure is over but it tends to take a few months for the body to fully heal and for results to look their very best, so be sure to book in for BodyJet Lipo now so that you can reveal your svelte, sculpted new body just in time for summer!