By Aesthetica Med Spa
It’s hard to sort out the competing claims about the various liposuction procedures. Where’s the best place? Who’s the best doctor? These questions rank near the top of every patient’s mindset when trying to find the best liposuction treatments for such a popular and important cosmetic decision. Liposuction has been around for quite some time and the original procedures were done under general anesthesia where the fat was vacuumed out with relatively large cannulas. These treatments were associated with a lot of bruising and long recovery times that ultimately turned patients off from wanting to pursue the treatment. Shortly after, a “wet” technique was introduced, such as tumescent, that made it possible to do more and ultimately resulted in all lipo being done with some variation of this technique. In Austin and mostly everywhere, the next best liposuction treatment came around using ultrasound, which helped loosen fat in dense areas, and helped with bruising and swelling associated with lipo procedures. VASER was the most advanced ultrasound technology of this kind. Finally, came the lasers. Names such as “cool” and “smart” lipo lasers became extremely popular in a short period of time and continue to be popular today. The Cool Lipo Laser and Smart Lipo Lasers help loosen fat prior to removing it with liposuction. With so much demand for liposuction, a revolutionary new method that gently and effectively removes fat permanently was soon introduced as the best liposuction treatment in the area. This completely new method of liposuction, called Body-Jet Liposuction, uses a gentle, pulsating spray of fluid that removes fat without the extreme force used in traditional liposuction procedures. This incredible new method is called water assisted liposuction and results in minimal tissues trauma, less bruising, and excellent results.


Because the process is so gentle, Body-Jet Water Liposuction is typically performed as an out-patient procedure under local anesthesia. On average, the entire procedure takes between 30 to 45 minutes for each part of the body that is treated. The majority of Body-Jet Liposuction patients find that they can return to their regular activities immediately following the procedure. In fact, Body-Jet Liposuction has not only been increasing in popularity making it one of the best treatments around, but it has also been called “lunch break lipo” because most patients are able to have the procedure performed and immediately resume regular activities.


At our premier cosmetic skin treatment center, the benefits to using the water-pulsing methods of Body-Jet are near endless. While performing the procedure, the gradual loosening of fatty cells by the equipment allows the body to possess much less liquid at any given time during surgery than is normally necessary for liposuction. This helps the doctor make more informed judgments in the sculpture of the underlying tissues as there is less excess mass he must account for on the fly, leading to superior cosmetic results. Additionally, the process of using water-pulse sculpting tools promotes a smooth, natural appearance as opposed to the less delicate nature of dry suction cannula and aspirator liposuction. Since Body-Jet Liposuction is gentle and does not crush or destroy fat like traditional liposuction, the fat removed during your procedure with Dr. David Sneed at AMedSpa can be used for a potential fat transfer procedure.


  • Minimal Downtime
  • Low Medical Risk
  • Hypertension
  • Can be Performed Under Local Anesthesia
  • Less Trauma to Surrounding Tissues
  • Less Bruising and Swelling


The decision to alter your appearance is an important one and should be made with a doctor who both understands and respects your wishes. These days, plenty of patients are opting for non-surgical treatments, including Body-Jet Liposuction, that can help you improve your appearance and who don’t want surgery. Electing to take smaller steps instead of jumping into surgery is a good way to maintain your appearance. At Aesthetica Med Spa, we provide the most advanced treatment options available for liposuction, skin rejuvenation, body contouring and non-surgical face lifting by utilizing a wide variety of state of the art cosmetic procedures. If you’re interested in learning more about all of the cosmetic procedures offered at Aesthetica Med Spa, call us today at 512-643-6416(2639) to schedule your personal consultation with Dr. Sneed.