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Introduction to BOTOX for Hyperhidrosis

Sweating is a natural process that our body uses to cool off and prevent overheating. Unfortunately for some people, severe underarm sweating, also known as severe primary axillary hyperhidrosis, is a condition in which the body sweats more than it has to regulate body temperature. While some people try to treat their condition with antiperspirants or always having a towel nearby, sometimes it’s just too much and other options need to be considered. At Aesthetica MedSpa in Austin, TX, we offer our patients BOTOX for Hyperhidrosis as a potential way to keep their sweat in check.

What is BOTOX for Hyperhidrosis?

Hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating, occurs as a result of hyperactive sweat glands which produce more sweat than is needed to regulate the body’s temperature. Botox injections have been approved by the FDA as a successful way to treat; the procedure works by blocking nerve signals which cause the glands to produce sweat.

At Aesthetica MedSpa we also offer radio-frequency ablation of sweat glands to permanently reduce excessive sweating. Two treatments are usually needed, but the results are effective and the treatment is very well tolerated.

Please bear in mind that Hyperhidrosis was only very recently approved by the FDA to be successfully treated with Botox Treatments. Studies have shown sweat glands may produce less perspiration when injected with BOTOX locally.

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What are the Benefits of BOTOX for Hyperhidrosis?

At Aesthtica MedSpa, we have found that BOTOX for Hyperhidrosis has provided our Austin patients with a better quality of life, and the treatment has even been scientifically proven to improve on-the-job productivity. Results are typically noticeable within two to four days after treatment and can last anywhere between four and 12 months!

Who are the Best Candidates for BOTOX for Hyperhidrosis?

The best candidates for BOTOX for Hyperhidrosis in Austin, TX are those dealing with unwanted or too much sweat from their face, feet, hands, head, underarms, or even under their breasts. We ask that potential candidates also have some of the following characteristics:

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What’s the First Step?

To initiate the first step for your BOTOX for Hyperhidrosis in Austin, you will need to first contact us at Aesthetica Med Spa and schedule a consultation. During this appointment, you will be assigned a dedicated specialist who will examine your problem areas and discuss your medical history with you. Your specialist will construct a personalized treatment plan for you, and if you are content with our recommendations, you can receive your treatment on the same day, or if it’s more suitable for you, schedule a later appointment with our Patient Coordinator.

What to Expect on the Day of BOTOX for Hyperhidrosis

When you come into our office to receive your BOTOX for Hyperhidrosis, we will begin by marking your skin at strategic points to guide the injection. Depending on what is discussed during your consultation, you may have ice packs applied or be given a numbing agent to help with any pain or discomfort. The BOTOX medication is injected with a fine needle just below the surface of your skin. You’ll receive between 15 to 20 injections (could possibly be more) in the form of a grid pattern.

The injection portion of your treatment should only take about 20 to 30 minutes, however, you should expect the entire appointment to last about 45 minutes in total.

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BOTOX for Hyperhidrosis Recovery

Once you are finished with your injections and are given the OK to leave, you will be able to resume your normal activities immediately. Since this is not a “one-and-done” treatment, you will need to schedule a follow-up appointment so that we will be able to monitor your progress and see how you are responding to the injections.

How Much Does BOTOX for Hyperhidrosis Cost in Austin?

The cost of BOTOX for Hyperhidrosis in Austin will vary greatly depending on your needs and if you require treatment in multiple areas of your body. To have a more realistic understanding of the cost of your treatment, we recommend scheduling a consultation. When we fully understand what you will need for your treatment, our Patient Coordinator will be able to give you a breakdown sheet.

There are some instances in which certain insurance companies will cover either all or at least part of the treatment for those suffering from hyperhidrosis, but usually requires proof that other options, such as prescription antiperspirants, have been tried first.

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