By Aesthetica Med Spa


With so many “new liposuction” techniques and devices becoming available in the Austin liposuction market today, it can quickly become very confusing to a potential patient as to which method to choose. Two of the most recent advancements in liposuction technology include the utilization of lasers and water jets to enhance the process. Both techniques are useful for different purposes. Smart Lipo can be a helpful tool when it comes to the sculpting of smaller, delicate areas such as the neck. The Smart Lipo system uses a laser to liquefy and permanently destroy fat cells. Using this method may also offer a moderate degree of skin tightening in patients with mild skin laxity. The skin tightening effect that is sometimes observed with this technique is due to the formation of new collagen. This stimulation of new collagen growth can occur as a result of the skin’s normal repair process after being exposed to the Smart Lipo laser. These effects are often unpredictable however, and vary based on the individual. Body-Jet Liposuction, an innovative Austin liposuction technique performed by Dr. David Sneed, is great for the removal of larger fatty deposits and the collection of viable fat to be used in fat transfer, such as to the face and hands. Rather than destroying fat cells like the Smart Lipo system, Body-Jet is designed to instead gently break apart and wash away fat deposits using a gentle pulsating spray of medical-grade water solution. This form of liposuction results in less tissue trauma and therefore less pain and swelling for the patient during and after the procedure. This gentler system was essentially designed to avoid the issues associated with tumescent infiltration utilized in more traditional forms of liposuction. Tumescent infiltration causes tissue swelling which can adversely impact the surgeon’s ability to achieve accurate and smooth results. With Body-Jet Lipouction, significantly less infiltration fluid is required to loosen fat cells as compared to traditional lipo. Reducing the amount of fluid used during your Austin liposuction procedure will result in less bruising, swelling and overall discomfort. Rather than injecting a high-volume of saline solution into the tissue, the water-spray used in the Body-Jet procedure simultaneously injects water into the body while it removes excess fat. Essentially, the fluid is removed just as fast as it is introduced, while fatty deposits are quickly and efficiently broken down in mere seconds. Body-Jet Liposuction is most ideal for fat transfer treatments, as the fat harvested using this system is of superior quality. Since this water-assisted lipo technique is able to gently loosen and remove fat without damaging the cells or surrounding blood vessels and tissue, the fat that is extracted is in superlative condition and makes for a great natural filler. To learn more about recycling your own fat for use in revolumizing areas such as the face and hands, please visit our Fat Transfer treatments page. If you’re considering undergoing liposuction in Austin, then call or fill out our online form today to schedule your FREE consultation and find out if Body-Jet is right for you.