By Aesthetica Med Spa
With all of the demand in Austin for medical procedures that are geared toward body sculpture, many new potential patients who seek liposuction as their ideal choice are hoping to find a variety of liposuction reviews, detailed information about each, and an overall valid perspective from each practice on why their form of liposuction is the best choice for each patient. Most people are used to thinking about liposuction as an invasive surgery with a long recovery period that has sketchy results. This is no longer the case. There are revolutionary procedures, such as Body Jet and Smart Lipo, that give you outstanding results at an affordable price. What are these new procedures like? What is Body Jet Liposuction? What is Smart Lipo? How can I get a great review of each procedure?


With Body Jet Liposuction, a surgeon makes a small incision and pushes a cannula (which is a type of thin, hollow tube) into the fat layer. A pressurized stream of water is then injected into the area. The slight pressure of the stream is used to dislodge and break up the fat cells that currently exist. These fat cells are not actually destroyed by the jet of water, but they are loosened up so that they will be easier to remove. Tumescent fluid can be used as part of this procedure instead of saline. Along with the saline, a local anesthetic is injected into the area as well as epinephrine, which reduces the size of capillaries. After the water jet is injected through the cannula and used to loosen up the fat cells, its time for fat to be removed via suction, along with any excess fluid.


  • The water jet may be gentler than traditional methods of liposuction, and as with other forms of tumescent liposuction there is generally minimal bruising and swelling. The water can reduce the trauma to the body—manually manipulating the cannula may cause more trauma and therefore require a longer recovery period.
  • At Aesthetica Med Spa in Austin, since Body Jet does not require general anesthesia, it is a safer alternative to methods which do. Local anesthetic poses fewer risks to the patient and also costs less.
  • Unlike with other tumescent procedures, the area of the body being worked on doesn’t actually swell, so it’s easier for the surgeon to see what he or she is doing during the procedure. This means that you may actually get better results.
When reviewing the BodyJet Lipo procedure, you will see that it is ideal for removing fat in areas that are difficult to correct with traditional liposuction, such as the abdomen, chin and neck areas. BodyJet Lipo may also be used for permanent fat reduction in the following body areas:
  • Back and bra line
  • Male chest
  • Waist and abdomen
  • Hips and love handles
  • Buttocks
  • Inner and outer thighs
  • Knees and ankles


The vast majority of people utilizing Body Jet Lipo in Austin are satisfied and this is a good indicator that this is definitely a treatment to seriously consider with AMedSpa in Austin. Here are a few RECENT AUSTIN REVIEWS from actual clients of AMedSpa:
“Here is my liposuction review of AMedSpa in Austin. I will always recommend them to all of my friends. I first started going to Dr. Sneed for their Body Jet Liposuction. I was introduced to Sharon Sneed by using one of their many specials on this treatment. Both Dr. Sneed and Sharon are very personable, never rush you or try and sell a product to you that you don’t need or won’t use. I have been to other doctors and spas and did some comparative shopping. I believe the Med Spas prices have got to be about the lowest in Austin. That’s how I stay up on when they are going to run a promotional Body Jet Lipo, Botox, Restylane, Juvederm, or Microdermabrasion special. Give them a try, compare their prices and I bet you will use them regularly as I do! They are very aware of the latest developments in aesthetic procedures and add new services as they become FDA approved. The pampering of the spa a professionally sound environment!”
“I had BodyJet on my lower abdomen area with AMedSpa. I could never get rid of with working out. It is only 2 and a half weeks later and my stomach looks great! There was some pain the first day but its the type of pain that just feels like you did an intense ab workout. I was working out again running and everything 4 days later. You can walk 2 or 3 miles the day after. Yes there is “drainage” but its not scary its just the solution they use at end to make sure everything is clean and prevents infection, that stops withing 24 hours. I seriously recommend BodyJet Lipo. I could actually see all the fat they took out at the end and it was amazing! Do it!”
“After reading all of the great reviews on AMedSpa in Austin, I just wanted to let you know how successful I found the “Bodyjet Liposuction” procedure to be! Dr. Sneed did exactly as I asked and the results were exactly as I wanted. It’s just as I told him. I have had hangovers that hurt worse than this procedure! It was a quick recovery and startling results that have been very positive from the way my clothes fit to the way I feel about myself inside and out! Thank you to all the ladies that assist at Aesthetica Med Spa for the after procedure treatments and encouragement! An easy and successful treatment is one thing but knowing the bed-side manner will be exemplary is quite another!”


Is stubborn fat holding you back? Dr. Sneed and the team of Aesthetica Med Spa will be happy to review the liposuction options we offer directly with you. Find out today what our liposuction options can do for you! Our office is located in the Austin area, and you can reach us directly at 512-643-6416(2639). We look forward to meeting you soon. Learn More About Body Jet Liposuction in Austin