By Aesthetica Med Spa

We offer dermatology consultations with Dr. David Sneed. We treat all types of skin disorders including acne, rashes, warts, cysts, and skin growths. Dr. Sneed can diagnose your skin problem and help you find a dermatology procedure as a solution.


We offer acne treatments to alleviate both active acne and the aftermath of severe acne everyday in our office. When you first see the signs of acne, contact your physician and seek immediate help! It is so much better to prevent scarring from happening than try to correct the skin and texture later. Start with specific skin care products, chemical peels and microdermabrasion treatments that can give you some immediate relief and then see your own physician about potential prescription medication.

We feel strongly that the best skin care product for acne at this juncture is ClenzidermMDT by ObagiT. Clenziderm is a threestep method that contains: (1) a Daily Cleanser containing salicylic acid, (2) a Pore Therapy containing more salicylic acid (really good at unclogging pores and clearing dead skin cells deep within the skin), and (3) their patented gel which contains a liquefied benzoyl peroxide. This product will help clear whiteheads and blackheads within 2 weeks and is great at killing the bacteria that cause infection.

Wearing mineral make-up is another way to make an immediate change. Many women feel that if they have acne, they have two choices – no make-up, or the alternative of excessively heavy make-up that attempts to cover what they don’t want seen. Neither is a good option. We like GLO mineral make-up from Caleel-Hayden. They have figured out how to take ground up minerals and make them into elegant makeup that absolutely will not clog your pores. This makeup is water-resistant, has an SPF factor of 15, and cannot harbor bacteria. It is a perfect solution for anyone with acne-prone or sensitive skin. If you need more aggressive treatment Dr. Sneed can prescribe highly effective medications including Accutane.

Other treatments you may consider include the following laser dermatology and IPL:

Cool Touch III Laser Cool Breeze – shrinks pores, improves scarring, no down-time, simple 4-treatment procedure

BLU-U Light – kills the bacteria that cause acne, simple in-office procedure sitting in front of a specific light source

IPL PhotoFacial – can improve active acne, scarring, hyperpigmentation from old scars and heal active acne


Everybody develops an unwanted skin lesion sooner or later. The first question to ask is whether or not it might be a skin cancer. Statistics show that 1 in 5 Americans will develop a skin cancer in their lifetime. So, when do you ask your doctor about that new skin bump? It’s as simple as ABCD. Check with your doctor if any of these apply.

Asymmetry – One half doesn’t match the other

Border Irregularity – The edge is ragged, irregular, or poorly defined.

Color Variation – Color changes from one area to another and may include shades of tan and brown, black, white, red, or blue.

Diameter Large – Usually larger than the diameter of a pencil eraser; more than 6 millimeters or 1/4 inch in diameter.

You may to consider removal of other skin lesions as well. Careful consideration of your skin can usually result in an improvement with office surgical removal. Even enlarged pores and scars can often be removed or significantly reduced. One technique for reducing the appearance of acne scars is called subcision. After applying local anesthesia, the area under a scar is released with a special needle. Then tissue filler can be injected to fi ll any persistent skin depression. Skin tags, like those on the neck, can usually be removed without a problem in the office setting. Raised, rough spots on heavily sun-damaged areas might be actinic keratosis lesions which can turn into cancer. There are several ways of dealing with this problem, but don’t wait before getting an evaluation.