By Aesthetica Med Spa

My One-Week Total Face and Neck Skin Refresher –

Or, what to do when your class reunion is only one week away

In preparation for a reunion this week I decided to do a total skin refresher on my entire face, eye and neck area. It was a simple process requiring little down time and producing outstanding results. Family events, big parties, reunions and the like can also be a stressful situation. Perhaps you will be with people and relatives that you have not seen in quite some time. Wanting to go looking and feeling your best in this busy world is not always so easy. At Aesthetica Med Spa, our specialty is putting you into the right treatment at the right time for the right event! Depending on your ability to have any downtime, a great way to jump start the revitalization of your skin is with one of our marvelous chemical peels. Having an aesthetic expert choose the right one for your skin type is essential. With my large pores and oily skin type, the Vi Peel was a perfect selection. That peel was performed in our new medical spa near the intersection of Bee Cave Road and Highway 360 ten days ago. Our office manager, Tracy Grant, expertly prepped and evenly applied the peel over a 15 minute period of time. The process does not hurt in any way and there is absolutely nothing to be afraid of. You cannot wear makeup afterwards and will leave looking a little red. So, come at the end of your work day and plan on washing your face before bed. With a Vi Peel, you feel tight on the first two days. On day three, you start to feel very tight and your skin actually looks more wrinkled, dry and is now starting to flake. By day four, your skin is starting to slough to the point that you will find flakes all over the front of your blouse (yuk – sorry – just thought I would steer you away from wearing dark colors on these days!). If you have never had a peel, it can be a little scary. Your initial thoughts will be, “Is this every going to stop?” For me, the peeling process, which never is uncomfortable or painful, takes a full four days. On day seven, the day before my big event, I treated myself to a HydraFacial. This is a brand new treatment for our office and it is an outstanding way to exfoliate the skin, infuse hyaluronic acid and “plump” everything up to give you the freshest and smoothest look you have had in years. This process is a micro-water vortex with a tiny little vacuum that literally vacuums up all the dead skin from your face, while infusing with a variety of nourishing products. There is absolutely no down time and you will leave looking better than when you came in. At Aestehtica MedSpa, we also have an expert in makeup application. Her name is Kelly Pillard and her ability to amp up my good features and downplay the others is magical. And, since you can apply makeup right after a HydraFacial, it was a match made in Heaven. Success. One week, big results, new fresh skin, great looking makeup. I highly recommend this wonderful 7-9 day refresher for all ages and all skin types.