By Aesthetica Med Spa
  1. Stay away from the sun. UV irradiation can totally break down the collagen in your skin. Look at areas that have always been exposed to skin versus those that have had only a little sun. Sunlight also provides you with an active form of Vitmain D. So, consider it is safe to get a little on your arms and legs, while protecting more delicate areas around your face, neck, chest and hands.
  2. Don’t smoke. It breaks down collagen like almost nothing else.
  3. Use a grea antioxidant on your face every morning. At Aestheitca, we love the Image vitamin C cream and the Obagi Serum.
  4. Use a growth factor skin care product daily as this will promote new collagen growth. We love TNS, Neocutis, and Image.
  5. Heat treatments with radio frequency are the absolute best way of promoting new collagen growth and tighter skin. EndyMed3Deep is an excellent choice as is the Invasix Fractora or Forma treatment. There are other machines as well that can accomplish the goal of increased collagen growth, tighter skin and fewer wrinkles, but these are tops.
  6. Watch your hormone levels! As women’s levels of estrogen and progesterone diminish, they can have massive losses of collagen in their skin and other tissues. Find a physician that help you replenish your bioidentical hormones safely and accurately. This single change will help you diminish the aging loss of collagen and tightness in your skin.
  7. Try a PhotoFacial. Not only will it help you discard unwanted brown and red spots in your skin, but it is also a great method of skin tightening.
  8. Use some acid on your skin. Some reports show up to a 12% increase in collagen when you apply a fairly strong lactic acid to your skin in small amounts on a daily basis.
  9. Drink plenty of purified water, avoid excessive alcohol and take vitamins including antioxidants and hyaluronic acid.
  10. Take time to relax, distress and unwind. Try an infrared sauna or another heat-based treatment as a way to detoxify and achieve a sense of calm. And, don’t forget to get a good night’s sleep.