By Aesthetica Med Spa
Botox Treatment | For many years, botox cosmetic procedures have been seen primarily as anti-aging treatments and have been favored by men and women aged 40 and over. However, there is an ever-increasing number of people in their 20s and 30s turning to botox in Austin, which opens up a few questions about the consequences of starting botox so young. Do botox treatments differ for younger people? People in their 20s tend to use botox to subtly correct facial features, rather than just to alleviate wrinkles. The treatments can soften jawlines or slightly lift brows, for example. The botox treatment itself doesn’t change, but often it is administered in slightly different areas of the face instead. Can botox stop the effects of aging? There is no official evidence to suggest that botox injections can prevent new wrinkles forming and stop the skin aging. A couple of botox treatments in Austin simply won’t prevent wrinkles forming in later life. However, by having botox injections regularly you can help to prevent wrinkles from showing in order to give the impression that the skin looks younger for longer. Equally there is no evidence to suggest that having botox in your 20s or 30s will cause wrinkles either, so there is no harm in undergoing the treatment at whatever age you feel it is necessary. Do the effects of a botox injection last longer in younger people? There is a common myth that botox injections last longer for younger people, but this is simply not true. The effects of a botox treatment can last anywhere between two and six months, depending on the depth of the wrinkle and muscle mass in the area, and as such the frequency of injections varies for each individual. People in their 20s will need repeat treatments just as often as people over 40 – on average every four months.