By Aesthetica Med Spa
Do you often find people asking if you’re okay when nothing is wrong? Do you catch a glimpse in the mirror and feel startled to see yourself frowning for no reason? Do your kids or friends ask you if you are angry or having a bad day? Many of us experience what we call the strong brow frown. Often it is caused by a slight furrow between our eyebrows or lines across the forehead that make us looked stressed, angry or upset, even when our faces are completely at rest. The good news is that this look can be fixed with a little Botox. In fact, a great deal of our patrons come to us for Botox in Austin to alleviate this exact problem. Botox is a neurotoxin that temporarily blocks signals that run from the nerves to the muscles. When injected into the facial muscles it restricts muscle movement in a very small and particular area, in order to alleviate lines and wrinkles and give a smoother, softer appearance. By administrating a Botox injection around the furrow in the brow and lines on the forehead, we can soften the look of a strong brow and leave the face looking brighter, younger, happier, and refreshed.


Many people who are new to Botox treatment worry that it can ‘freeze’ all facial muscles in the forehead and make it difficult to express emotion. However, providing that the Botox injections is in the right place and amount, you can target just the muscles causing the strong brow frown without restricting the movement of the eyebrows. A fully treated Botox face can still have a lot of expression – just not the type of expression you are trying to avoid. Our professional practitioner Dr. David L. Sneed is known for administrating the best Botox in Austin, so you can feel confident that you’ll have the natural, youthful results you’ve been looking for. By observing the natural movement of the muscles and the placement of the furrows or lines in question, Dr. Sneed can pinpoint the perfect location to inject the Botox in order to smooth out the lines whilst ensuring good movement throughout the rest of the forehead. The finished result is an incredibly natural look and a soft brow line. Dr. David Sneed was the first Diamond level Botox injector in the Austin area and is still one of the major supplier of Botox injections in Austin. Would you like to learn more about Botox or Aesthetica’s other injectables? Be sure to check out our dedicated BOTOX® page and Injectables page. If you’re dealing with a strong brow frown and want to do something about it, get in touch with Aesthetica Med Spa to arrange for a free consultation and let us advise you on how Botox can fix it!