By Aesthetica Med Spa

The StemGlo Facelift is a treatment that can utilize small portions of your own blood and help your body’s natural resources to refresh and tighten your face. During this process, platelet-rich plasma (PRP), which is your own blood plasma that has been enriched with additional platelets (also from your own blood), is injected into your face with a very small gauge needle. There is no downtime other than the potential for slight swelling and bruising for one week. As a concentrated source of platelets from your own body (autologous platelets), PRP contains several different growth factors and other molecules that stimulate new collagen growth within your soft tissues. This technique has application throughout your body’s skin, and even in joints (if applied there), and other body parts, as well.

What are blood-derived growth factors and how can they help give you a tighter face by utilizing the StemGlo techniques?

The internal workings of your blood cells contain fundamental protein structures that literally help everything it touches grow and heal more quickly and efficiently. Through a simple process of drawing your blood in our office, and using a special centrifuge to concentrate the actual blood cell derived growth factors, the highly enriched concentrations can then be safely injected into areas that need special help and attention. Visible signs of aged skin will improve within a mere two months. In our office, we either do this by having a physician inject the material into the deeper layers of your skin, or we perform a more superficial treatment utilizing a micropen that addresses more skin surface and textural issues.

How is the StemGlo Facelift with Fat Transfer different?

This incorporates the StemGlo Facelift, and, additionally, we have the added benefit of extracting 60 cc of your own abdominal fat in a simple and virtually painless way (in the office) and then using our special stem cell technology and concentration processes to add significant numbers of adult mesenchymal stem cells into the fat for re-injection back into your face. With a single treatment, we can re-volumize and repair tissue, and give you beautiful rejuvenated skin within 6 months.

How can these injected growth factors improve my skin?

There are a multitude of growth factors that will be injected into your face with even a single treatment of the StemGlo Facelift. Specifically, these treatments improve blood flow, promote collagen repair and tightening, enhance wound healing, and actually induce new collagen creation and growth. Collagen is the incredibly stretchy substance in skin that always allows it to “spring back”. It keeps you looking young and healthy. All-in-all, there are 8 essential growth factors and signaling proteins that promote the growth of healthy, vibrant new skin.

What is the approximate cost and is there downtime associated with the StemGlo Facelift?

The range of costs for a single treatment of the StemGlo Facelift are from $600-1200. The treatment takes only a few minutes once the injectable PRP has been prepared. Gathering and preparing the PRP solution may take an hour or more. There is the potential for a small amount of bruising and swelling with this treatment, but it is considered a no downtime procedure by most practitioners. Results will begin to show in as little as 6 weeks and you will see maximum results in 6 months. The StemGlo Facelift truly can be the magical help you have been looking for to give your skin a renewed tightness and a refreshed overall appearance.

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