By Aesthetica Med Spa
If you live in a city like Austin, then you know that for most of the year, all it takes is walking from your office to the car to break a sweat. The sweltering Texas heat can be especially frustrating for the woman on the go. If you wear makeup, you’re likely familiar with the following situation… You‘ve just spent the past 30 minutes painstakingly applying your makeup to get it looking perfect. You leave the house looking fresh, vibrant and ready to take on the day. A few hours of heat and humidity later though, and that tidy, fresh look has been replaced by oily skin, smeared eyeliner and colorless lips. You need makeup that was designed to withstand the heat and weather the stresses of daily life for as long as you can. Rae Cosmetics has developed a mineral-based line of makeup and cosmetics that does just that! The Rae line is formulated using a micro-crushed blend of clinical-grade nutrients, antioxidants and non-chemical sunscreens to help protect and nourish healthy skin. These unique, lightweight formulas are oil-free and allow skin to breathe freely as if wearing nothing at all. A favorite amongst athletes and active women, the Rae line is scientifically engineered to stand up to humidity, heat and sweat to provide long-lasting coverage. Imagine going the whole day without the need to stop and freshen up! Whether you’re out for a run, dancing the night away with friends or just at the office, Rae cosmetics keep you looking flawless and beautiful for hours and hours without fading. RAE COSMETICS AT AESTHETICA MEDSPA AUSTIN. Call (512) 899-2639 now or stop by today to try it out!