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Radiesse is a type of dermal filler that is useful for smoothing facial wrinkles and creases. It is a very effective treatment with long-lasting results. It can also be used on hands to remove wrinkles.

About Radiesse

Radiesse is made from a biodegradable material (calcium hydroxylapatite) that is also present in human bones. It is mostly used to treat facial wrinkles around the mouth and the nose area. The unique Radiesse material boosts production of collagen in your skin. The process aids in new tissue regeneration in the injected site. Radiesse injections contain a hydrogel that carries calcium hydroxylapatite and keeps the material firm under the skin. The full effects of Radiesse take a few weeks to appear. It begins to work immediately, and over the next few months, you can see your facial creases and lines diminishing.

Benefits of Radiesse Treatment

Safe – Radiesse has been clinically tested and is FDA-approved with proven results. It is made from a material that is also present in the body, so the allergy risks are eliminated. It doesn’t contain animal products. Long-lasting – The calcium hydroxylapatite in Radiesse is quite stable a substance. It takes the body time to break it down, and due to this, Radiesse’s results last a long time. Most often, repeat treatments are not necessary. Depending on the condition of your skin, you may require touch-up sessions after around two years. Easy to use – Radiesse is given as an injection. One treatment session can be completed in a short amount of time. The recovery from the treatment is also quick. You may have slight swelling after your session, but it subsides soon. You can resume your normal routine soon after the treatment. The only precaution is to not stress the facial muscles for a day or two with activities such as excessive chewing.

Reasons to Use Radiesse

Radiesse is for anyone who is looking for a safe and long-lasting wrinkle-filler treatment. When used, it can delay signs of aging and make skin smoother and plumper. A Radiesse treatment is a very effective way to smooth away lines around the mouth and nose. You can use it to treat frown lines, enhance your cheeks, and contour your jawline. It is also effective in removing acne scars and correcting volume loss in hands. It is ideal to use just as you begin to get lines and creases on the face. People in their early and mid-30s often do not require cosmetic surgery to treat aging skin, since the issues are not advanced yet. Radiesse can act as a great alternative to surgeries that are used to add volume to cheeks and other facial areas.

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