By Aesthetica Med Spa
The wonders that a facelift procedure can do for one’s appearance are well known. However, some people are skeptical about facelift procedures. If you are looking for effects similar to those offered by a facelift but through a less invasive method, then the thread lift is the perfect answer.

The Thread Lift

A thread lift is a cosmetic procedure that can reduce many symptoms of facial aging significantly. It can correct fine lines and wrinkles on the face and can be used to reduce the excess sagging of the skin on the face, especially in the cheeks and the neck. As the name implies, it works through the use of special threads. These threads can create a lift in the tissues of the face. As with a traditional facelift, this procedure starts with application of local anesthesia to numb the treatment regions. In most cases, the local anesthesia does not need to be accompanied by a sedative. There are different types of thread lifts performed depending on the area that is being corrected. The surgeon makes minute incisions and places barbed threads below the skin tissues in the area that is showing visible signs of damage and aging. This is usually done by passing a very thin needle through the incisions. The needle is passed from one end and pulled out through the other, leaving the thread inside, below the skin tissue. The barbs on the thread attach themselves to the outer skin layer and the inner skin cells. The procedure only takes an hour to complete and simply involves pulling up the skin to remove the sagging using the inserted threads. The key to effectively performing the procedure lies in precisely placing the threads below the skin tissue. One should remember that unlike a full facelift, where the surgeon has complete access to all the facial tissues, this technique consists of very basic levels of correction. This is why this procedure is especially suited to those with minor signs of aging and not those with excessive skin sagging and deep wrinkles.

Benefits of a Thread Lift

• The recovery time needed after a thread lift procedure is quite short, typically a week or a little longer. It’s best to avoid exerting too much pressure on the facial muscles during this time. • The procedure doesn’t take long to complete, and the results are long-lasting – people who get thread lifts have younger-looking skin for years. The procedure also delivers very natural-looking results. • This procedure is very precise and can be performed to correct larger or much smaller areas of the face without any issues.

Schedule a Consultation to Learn More About the Thread Lift

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