By Aesthetica Med Spa

Skin Care Products You Need

By FDA law and regulation, there are ingredients in doctor’s office, skin care products that are not available in your local, over-the-counter (OTC) skin care products from your pharmacy or department store. Many of the products you obtain at a cosmetic dermatology office or medical spa, operated by a physician, are actually closer to medications. They may have a higher content of a particular product that you might find OTC, theoretically making it more effective. Often, these products are even lower in price than many department store products.

Does Aesthetica Med Spa Offer Private Label Products?

Yes. You may shop with us 6 days per week and receive exceptionally good value from our own dermatology grade private label skin care line. We can also ship these from our offices (and frequently do) or you may order items from our on-line store. Our on-line store has a wider variety of products, but contrary to popular belief, you may find better pricing and more personal information by seeing us in the office.

Compounding Pharmacy Products?

Aesthetica utilizes two of Austin’s most prestigious compounding pharmacies to make a line of dermatology products that will be perfect for your skin type and meet your medical and cosmetic needs.

Skin Care Brand Clinic Availability?

We help our clients in Austin focus on things which are important for our sunny environment. Our major labels include the Aesthetica Med Spa brand, Obagi, Neocutis, RevisionSkinMedica, GLO Minerals, Rae Cosmetics and others. The important part is that you will be guided, educated and counseled on the right Medical Grade Skin Care Products for your skin type.

Avoiding Products You’ll Never Use

It all starts with a great skin care counselor. The right products used every day can be as important to your skin rejuvenation program as a complete laser series We will help you choose your products as a complimentary service and basic standard of care at Aesthetica Med Spa. You will be counseled by Dr. Sharon Sneed (a Ph.D.) or one of the experienced licensed aestheticians in our clinic. We stand behind our products! If you have a problem – we want to know about it.

Track Progress

Even if you purchase products only from Aesthetica Med Spa, we go the extra mile to ensure that your skin is making progress. We frequently take pictures and start a record even if you are not receiving treatments, but only purchasing products. If you are a medical patient, we will be happy to show you before and after pictures at any time you wish. We also provide Obagi products for skin rejuvenation. To learn about these and other products, schedule a free consultation by filling out the form on this page.