By Aesthetica Med Spa
As one of the most common effects and indicators of aging in men, many male patients here at our Austin Medical Spa ask us for remedies for hair loss. 50 million men in the US are estimated to be affected by male pattern baldness, also known as androgenic alopecia, but the good news is that there are several non-invasive and affordable solutions.

What Is Male Pattern Baldness?

Although its effects tend to vary between individuals, male pattern baldness typically begins with well-defined recession of hair above the temples, creating an ‘M’ shape. Gradually, hair then starts to thin and recede at the top of the head (the crown) and causes partial or even complete baldness. The degree to which an individual will experience male pattern baldness depends on a number of factors, including hormones and genetics. Research has found that some men inherit genes which cause androgen, a male hormone which controls hair growth, to be overproduced. Hair grows naturally in accordance with cycles determined by hair follicles. This cycle causes each follicle to grow hair for two to six years, before going into a rest phase which lasts a few months and then results in the hair shedding. Next, the follicle begins the cycle again and new hair begins to grow. There are thousands of follicles all over the scalp, and each one will be at a different stage in the cycle at one time. This means that even when some follicles are at the resting and shedding stages, the majority of hair will be growing; this means that we are able to retain a full, thick and healthy head of hair at all times. However, when androgen is overproduced, it disrupts healthy hair growth. The follicle begin to shrink, follicular cycles get shorter, and the growth of new hairs is delayed. Individual hairs become finer, and it takes much longer for new hair to grow after the shedding stage. Over time, the growth cycle is permanently stopped, and hair never regrows in the bald areas.

Treatment Options

Topical Treatments

Often, topical treatments are the first thing to try when attempting to reduce the rate of balding. Specially formulated lotions, shampoos and conditioners can help to nourish the scalp in order to keep hair and follicles healthy and make hair stronger. However, they often aren’t powerful enough to stimulate significant regrowth and do not give men the dramatic results they’d like. They’re often best used in combination with our other, more potent treatments discussed below.

PRP Therapy

Our patented Stem-Glo PRP hair restoration therapy can provide excellent results. The procedure involves taking platelet rich plasma (PRP) from the patient’s own blood and re-injecting it into the scalp. The PRP is rich in growth factors and can give follicles a significant boost in order to make them larger, healthier, and better able to produce thick, strong hairs. The procedure takes just over an hour, causing minimal side effects and downtime, and new hair growth is usually seen within just a few months.

Light Therapy

The likes of LaserCap LCPRO and Capillus Laser Cap are highly effective low level laser light therapy treatments. The inside of both caps is covered with a series of laser diodes which, when illuminated, work to stimulate cellular function within the top layers of skin. As a result, follicles become healthier and each strand of hair becomes thicker and stronger. With time, light therapy can cause significant hair regrowth, just with short treatments at home each day or every other day.

Choosing A Male Pattern Baldness Treatment

The treatment you choose will depend greatly on your lifestyle and the nature or severity of your hair loss. The first step is to have a free consultation with one of our experts, who will examine your scalp and recommend a plan of action for helping you regain a thicker, healthier head of hair.