By Aesthetica Med Spa
Summer is in full swing and we’re loving the hot Austin weather, but hating what it tends to do to our skin! Luckily, we have a few trusty tips on hand to keep skin looking its very best during the hottest time of year.

1. Protect

UV rays can prematurely age skin and even cause cancer, so don’t take sun protection lightly. Be sure to wear SPF protection every day, even if it looks overcast outside. Make it at least SPF 30 to be as safe as possible and don’t forget about your scalp either – spritz a little sunscreen spray in your part and along your hairline to protect it.

2. Moisturize

You’ll probably want to show off a little more skin when the warm weather comes around, so be sure to thoroughly moisturize skin to keep it looking its best after the harsh, drying effects of winter weather. Hyaluronic acid-based skincare products are particularly great for locking in moisture, and be sure to drink plenty of water too.

3. Exfoliate

The drying winter weather can cause layers of old, dead skin to build up, so summer exfoliation is a must. Exfoliate all over the body to enjoy silky-soft skin, and on the face consider a chemical peel for a more intense and controlled skin shed which will leave your complexion looking bright and refreshed.

4. Give your décolletage some TLC

With loose, light shirts and summer dresses on the cards, it’s time to prep your décolletage area which often gets neglected in winter. Since it’s often exposed to the sun just as often as the face during summer, it’s important to apply plenty of sun lotion to the area and to exfoliate and moisturize just as often as you would your face.

5. Don’t forget the lips

Just because winter is over, it doesn’t mean you’re free from the irritation that is chapped lips! Our lips can easily become dried and chapped under the sun and they’re also sensitive to the sun’s harmful rays, but they tend to be neglected when we apply our sun lotion. Be sure to use an SPF lip balm regularly to keep your lips soft, plumped and protected from UV.

6. Take cold showers

Not only will cold showers help to keep you cool in hot summer months, but they’ll also help to prevent drying out the skin, something which hot showers tend to do after sun exposure. Plus, regular, short cold showers will keep skin clean from sweat caused by the excessive heat, and will reduce the risk of acne breakouts on the back and chest.

7. Cleanse more thoroughly

With oily sun screens and an increase in sweating, it’s not uncommon for skin to become clogged with excess oils, leading to an increase in blackheads and pimples. Be vigilant about your cleansing routine – don’t skip out on thoroughly cleansing the skin every day, and consider switching up to more powerful products during the hottest months.

8. Take a break from makeup

Summer is never a good time for makeup as the heat can often cause it to melt, smudge and appear cakey. Use this as an opportunity to go makeup free; your skin will love you for it as it will give it a chance to breathe, and once your face has been kissed by the sun, you’ll probably begin to love the fresh-faced, natural look.