By Aesthetica Med Spa
PRP (platelet rich plasma) can help improve joint problems, stimulate new hair growth, and minimize wrinkles – but did you know that it is also a brilliant addition to skin resurfacing treatments? Let’s take a look at the ways in which PRP can help make skin brighter, smoother and more beautiful.

What is PRP?

PRP – platelet rich plasma – is a plasma which contains very high concentrations of nourishing platelets. It is harvested from a very small amount of each patient’s own blood, and contains lots of vital growth factors which play an important part in skin regeneration and healing. Once harvested, PRP can be injected back into skin and tissues, and by increasing the concentration of these nourishing growth factors within targeted areas, the treatment can provide very impressive regenerative effects. It can help skin and tissues to heal faster and more successfully, and it can even slow or reverse telltale signs of aging.

Why Does It Help with Skin Resurfacing?

During a skin resurfacing treatment such as microneedling and Micropen treatments, the skin is punctured thousands of times by very tiny needles. This process stimulates skin regeneration and produces growth factors to make tissues smoother, firmer and brighter. Now, imagine this very same process, but with the added benefit of PRP, which is applied topically to the treated areas. With even more growth factors available, the skin is able to recover far faster from the resurfacing treatment, and the results of the treatment are often far more dramatic, too. Laser resurfacing treatments such as Fractora can also be made more effective and with faster recovery with the help of PRP. PRP can also reduce the severity of temporary side effects caused by skin resurfacing treatments. Redness and swelling is a common side effect of microneedling, and although it subsides within a few days, it can look unsightly and make patients feel somewhat self-conscious. PRP can help minimize this redness and allow patients to go back to their daily routine almost immediately without worrying that others may notice that they’ve undergone a cosmetic procedure.

Should I Ask for PRP With My Next Skin Resurfacing Treatment?

Here at Aesthetica Med Spa, Dr. David Sneer is a pioneer in the use of PRP for cosmetic treatments, and is always recommending that his patients combine it with other treatments to achieve the very best results. Be sure to ask about PRP when you next visit us, or if you’re brand new to skin resurfacing procedures, why not book your free consultation to see which treatments will work best for your skin?