By Aesthetica Med Spa

An Austin Botox Treatment helps smooth out and hide those frown lines.

Can you remember your mother telling you, “Now you just put a smile on that face and everything will be a little better.” Well, did Mom know best? It seems like the old song “when you’re smiling, the whole world smiles with you” might be the predecessor and opposite of what some researchers have found in the world of Botox research. Maybe there is some truth to, “if you are frowning, the world gets irritated and doesn’t really like what it sees.” How many times have you found yourself frowning and it just made you a little more tense and irritated than you might have been if you had been able to put that smile on your face? Sound silly? Researchers from the University of Wisconsin tested 40 volunteers who had small Botox treatments injected into their foreheads. Later, when they were asked to read scripts containing angry statements, the treated patients were just not able to be as angry. In the United Kingdom, there have been some preliminary studies which may indicate that people who make less frowning movements on their faces may experience more happiness. We have yet to know whether this is a feedback response within the brain or whether others are responding to the treated patients in a more positive way. In either case, happiness is a good choice and the one that most people want to make. In over two decades of helping people obtain the best Botox in Austin at Aesthetica Med Spa, I have had several patients say, “I just don’t want to look sad and angry anymore”. Life takes its toll! Changing vision and computer screens make us squint incessantly, collagen fails us, and the sun will just beat up our skin and accentuate expression lines. Austin Botox treatment can do its part to help with all of this, including eliminating the “11 lines” between your eyes that are making you look angry. Over time, these lines get etched into the skin and are always present whether you are frowning or not. At that point, it will take a group of treatments to make those lines go away including Botox, filler, and collagen increasing treatments like Fractora. Don’t let things get to that stage if you can help it. Prevention is a critical factor. We encourage all of our patients at the offices of Dr. David L. Sneed to do treatments that will improve life and lifestyle. We feel that we provide the best Botox in Austin by using it judiciously and as prescribed. Please call us to schedule your free consultation at Aestehtica MedSpa and let us see how we can make you happy. Dr. Sneed is one of the first and most knowledgable providers of Austin Botox treatment in Austin.