By Aesthetica Med Spa
‘Smoker’s lines’ are an incredibly common problem for people of all ages, though it is usually when we get older that they become more noticeable. Smoker’s lines occur around the top and bottom edges of the lips and are usually a series of short, vertical wrinkles. Depending on the severity, they can be reasonably light, small lines or very deep-set. Either way, they’re a sign of aging that many of us would rather be without, but the good news is that they’re reasonably easy to smooth out with the help of modern cosmetic fillers.


The movement of the lips when dragging on a cigarette causes the surrounding skin to pucker and over the years, the repetition of this movement can lead to permanent lines. It doesn’t help that smoking damages the skin and makes it more susceptible to wrinkles, so if you’d like to maintain youthful skin for as long as possible you should consider quitting smoking and investing in rejuvenating cosmetic treatments.


It is not uncommon for non-smokers to suffer from smoker’s lines. Unfortunately, there are many things which can cause the lines, such as regularly drinking from plastic bottles or simply the way in which your face moves when laughing or smiling. Genetics can make you more susceptible to wrinkles, or it may simply be that you have thin skin and are more likely to get wrinkles than others


You may have noticed that not only do you suffer from smoker’s lines, but also that your lips aren’t as plump as they used to be. Lip injections are therefore a great way to minimize lines and add a little extra volume to the lips themselves. Restylane Silk is a very popular lip augmentation treatment because, unlike others, it was created specifically to add volume to lips. It gives a very soft, natural appearance and feel to lips and creates a well-defined lip line in order to minimize the appearance of smoker’s lines. Another type of Restalyne that can help minimize smoker’s lines is Perlane. This type of filler is designed to be injected deeper into the skin and is therefore good for very deep-set wrinkles. Those with very large smoker’s lines could benefit from the use of Perlane in Austin, though it’s also great for plumping out deep lines on either side of the mouth which are also common for smokers. Juvederm lip injections may also be a suitable treatment for you, but it may be advisable to use this filler in other areas of your face to complement the lip augmentation. If you suffer from sagging, hollows cheeks as a result of smoking Juvederm could help to improve the shape of the apples of your cheeks to give an overall improved profile. Finally, it’s often advisable to employ Botox along the upper lip, to help smooth out smoker’s lines, and complement the look of the cosmetic fillers. Botox can also help to make the effects of fillers last longer, so by having regular Botox treatments, you can preserve your youthful, line-free look for longer. If you would like help with your smoker’s lines or just want to look and feel younger, please get in touch with our team of cosmetic experts. Our team will create a personalized treatment plan that will fit perfectly with your beauty needs and budget.