By Aesthetica Med Spa

As incredible as it would be for us to be able to achieve the perfect slim figure through diet and exercise alone, for many of us there will always be a little extra stubborn fat here and there. No matter if it’s a muffin top, a double chin or simply a little too much coverage on your stomach or thighs, it can be incredibly frustrating to put up with when you work so hard to keep your body in good shape.

For years, many believed the only solution to this problem was surgeries such as liposuction, but there is another solution which does not require anesthesia, scalpels, stitches or bruising – ThermiRF.


ThermiRF is an FDA-approved device which shrinks and tightens tissue without any incisions or pain. It works by using temperature-controlled radio frequency energy which can be applied to targeted areas such as the stomach, hips, buttocks, thighs and arms. By applying controlled temperatures to these areas, it is possible to gently shrink fatty deposits and tighten up loose skin without causing any damage to the top layers of skin.


Surgical fat reduction methods like liposuction have been performed for many years in the cosmetic industry and they can be very effective. However, surgery isn’t for everyone. Not only is it very expensive, but fat removal surgery is risky too. Even the healthiest people aren’t completely free from the risk of complications when they’re given a general anesthetic, and then there’s also the potential for infection in the incision area, not to mention the severe bruising and swelling as the body recovers from the harsh liposuction. Plus, downtime after these procedures is always necessary for healthy recovery, and many people simply don’t have the time to take days and weeks out of their lives for an avoidable operation. For many, it is as simple as this – they don’t want to put themselves through a surgery which is not absolutely essential for their health.

Surgery free fat reduction procedures like ThermiRF are therefore becoming incredibly popular because they offer fantastic results and the chance to achieve the perfect body, without the expense, risk and discomfort of surgery.


The biggest question around surgery free fat reduction like ThermiRF is whether it is as effective as liposuction. The answer is that yes, it certainly can be!

ThermiRF is designed to gently slim, smooth and tighten skin and tissues and is therefore particularly useful in areas with layers of stubborn fat or lax skin. It is designed for people who adopt a healthy lifestyle in order to maintain a healthy weight, but need a little extra help to achieve that toned, svelte figure of their dreams. It is not a miracle solution for those who are extremely overweight, but then again, neither is liposuction!

It’s also important to point out that whilst fat reduction surgeries give almost instant results (except for a little swelling and inflammation during recovery), ThermiRF provides very slow, gradual results. For many, this is a positive aspect of the procedure because it makes their body transformation seem far more natural to other people. This is ideal if you’d prefer not to tell people that you’ve been having cosmetic procedures.

So, if you’re struggling to get rid of stubborn fat in key areas on the body, or if you’ve noticed skin laxity in certain areas as a result of getting older, ThermiRF could be a fantastic solution for you. It will smooth out your skin and gently sculpt your body at a steady rate, allowing your natural beauty to really shine through.


Since ThermiRF is a very safe, gentle and low risk procedure, it is suitable for a wide variety of people regardless of age or medical history, unlike surgical procedures which, due to the risk that anesthesia brings, are not safe for everyone. There’s absolutely no downtime required with ThermiRF treatments, so if you’re time-poor or simply love being active and on the go, it’s the ideal procedure for you.

For more information about ThermiRF or to speak with one our expert clinicians about what it could do for your figure, please get in touch today and book a free consultation.