By Aesthetica Med Spa
With our spa offering the best Botox in Austin, our clients are very familiar with the wonderful effects of the treatment when it comes to smoothing out the skin and keeping signs of aging at bay. But did you know that Botox also has an incredible medical application that is helping people overcome years of crippling Chronic Migraine? Botox is approved by the FDA as a preventative treatment for people with Chronic Migraine, a condition which causes headaches almost daily. With one treatment every 12 weeks, Chronic Migraine sufferers are able to cut the frequency of their headaches in half and, for the vast majority of them, the procedure is even covered as an ongoing treatment by their health insurance.

How it works

As you may already know, Botox is a neurotoxin which works to inhibit nerve function and cause muscle paralysis. When administered in controlled dosages into the face, it can temporarily inhibit muscle movement in order to stop muscles from creating lines and wrinkles in the skin. This is how it works in the cosmetic industry, but when it comes to using it to treat Chronic Migraine, it works in a slightly different way. To put it simply, Botox is able to inhibit pain pathways by blocking nerve cells. When injected into key muscle areas in the neck and head, it can stop pain pathways from working properly in order to prevent pain from occurring. There is still a great deal of research to be done to explain exactly how Botox is able to do this, but clinical trials have proven that it does successfully work in preventing at least 50% of migraines and headaches.

The other 50% of headaches

The positive effects of Botox for Chronic Migraine can differ from patient to patient, so whilst some may see outstanding results, others will find that they still suffer from some painful migraines or headaches, even if the frequency of them is much reduced. However, Botox can be incorporated as part of a wide Chronic Migraine management plan, and patients are able to combine it with pain relief medication or other treatments as prescribed by their doctor to manage their condition. Since Botox only has to be administered once every 12 weeks, patients will find it much easier to manage their pain with fewer extra medications, allowing them to a live a more normal lifestyle with minimal pain.

What the procedure is like

Just like with the cosmetic procedure, Botox injections for Chronic Migraine are fast and relatively painless. A very small, short needle is used to make shallow injections into various areas in the head and neck. It takes no more than 15 minutes, and doesn’t cause any downtime. It can be completed in a physicians office, so you won’t find yourself in a daunting surgical environment, and you’ll find that discomfort is very minimal.

Suitability of the Botox for migraines

Botox is only approved as a preventative treatment specifically for people with Chronic Migraine, a condition which causes headaches on 15 days or more during each month. Although headaches and migraines are common for many people, for those with Chronic Migraine the painful symptoms of headache plague them far more often than is usual and can have a significant impact on their lives. This is why Botox, which is proven to reduce headache days by at least 50%, is such a brilliant treatment for them. If you’ve been diagnosed with Chronic Migraine and have not found any oral preventative medicines to be effective, you could be a great candidate for Botox treatment. We provide the treatment via our family practice and would love to help you give it a try. Call today to book a consultation with one of our friendly doctors!