By Aesthetica Med Spa
When it comes to treating our everyday stresses or wanting anti-aging or weight loss treatments, it’s important to spend time learning what kind of spa is best to address the ailment or condition. Traditional spas are for beauty treatments and relaxation, such as facials and massages, whereas Medical Spas, or Medi-Spas, have procedures that aid your health and can sometimes be surgical. Medical spas have seen an uptick in popularity for their more aggressive and long-lasting treatments such as Botox, Dermal fillers, Microneedling, laser hair removal, vein treatments and medical weight loss. All of these procedures are performed in Medical Spas that are either owned or overseen by a physician. Since all procedures performed at Medical Spas are elective, you are not likely to win a medical negligence case against a doctor. For this reasons, you need to perform extensive research on the Spas that you are considering visiting. Are their doctors experienced? Do they have any conduct citations from a medical body? Are all of their technicians licensed or certified? Below are recommendations for the best medical spas in Houston and some of the services that make them stand out from the rest.

Skin 101

9774 Katy Frwy, Suite 200 Houston, TX 77055 832-649-7939 Skin 101 offers all of the injectables and topical skin treatments that most medical spas have. However, they also provide four different IV Therapies as a treatment from the inside out. The “Myers cocktail” is an IV drip benefiting people who are too busy to always choose healthy food options and the blend replaces a lot of the nutrients and vitamins that modern diets are most commonly lacking. They also offer a Vitamin C IV for clear and youthful complexions, the Athletic Performance IV for renewed energy and muscle recovery for those who live an active lifestyle, and the hangover/Hydration IV that is the “up and at em” remedy for those who have overdone it.  

Glow Medical Aesthetics

3429 W. Holcombe Blvd. Houston, Texas 77025 713-665-4569 Glow Medical Aesthetics is a physician-owned and operated medical spa. Offering over 26 different kinds of treatments, they emphasize their services in skin rejuvenation that will return your natural glow. While the majority of their services focus on skin injectable, they also offer a few of their procedures for younger patients, such as HydraFacial MD Teen, concentrating on extractions and cleansing skin that is most problematic for teenagers.

Persona Medical Spa

2311 West Alabama St. Houston, Texas 77098 713-630-0772 While the Persona Medical Spa is excellent in that it offers both traditional spa treatments and medical treatments, they also specialize in healing treatments for those who are undergoing chemotherapy for cancer. Some of these services include recovery facials to help repair dry skin from the damage of chemotherapy. They also have specialized acupuncture to help ease side effects of cancers treatments and symptoms/pains of certain cancers.

Midtown Medspa

3201 Louisiana St. #106A Houston, TX 77006 713-766-0786 Overseen by a board certified facial plastic surgeon, Midtown Medspa focuses more on treatment plans and ongoing services, rather than one-time visits. Their treatment planner allows you to scan over a picture to pick all of the treatments you would like for your face, neck, etc., so you can understand what treatments work for which areas. Their minimally invasive services range from facials and injectable, to body treatments such as Microneedling to help smooth out cellulite and acne scars and CoolSculpting which freezes away fat from your body.