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Some of the Best Dining Experiences in Austin Texas

Austin has always been well known for it’s luxurious dinning. There are many luxurious restaurants that will give you the best dining experience you have ever had. We can assure you that they all exceed expectations. We have come up with a few of Austin’s most luxurious fine-dining restaurants.

Qui –

Austinite Paul Qui is one of the world’s most famous chef’s. His restaurant has become incredibly popular over the years. It sits on the outskirts on the Eastern side of sixth street in Austin. Qui offers an incredibly delicious menu for those who don’t mind paying a little more than usual. It’s cocktails are amazing and will leave you going back for more. If you are on a budget, then the pulutan menu is a must try. This menu offers a range of Filipino dishes. Such dishes include the cheddar cheese ice cream sandwich or the pork kabobs. Beverage pairings are also available for one hundred and fifteen dollars per person. Qui’s has an intriguing, yet fun atmosphere which allows you to enjoy the remarkable food that you will not find anywhere else. A restaurant well worth visiting even if it is just for a ‘once-off’ visit.

Jeffrey’s Restaurant –

This restaurant first came about during 1975. It has since been re-developed a little by a chef named Larry McGuire. You will find it in the town of Clarksville. If you are looking for American dishes and wines then do come here. The average cost for a good meal will range from one hundred and forty dollars to one hundred and fifty five dollars per person. There is also a bar which will also cost quite a bit. In saying this, there is a happy hour that occurs once a day. This happy hour is for the bar, the cocktails and the wine. Please do not give this a miss.

Wink Restaurant –

Are you seeking food that comes straight from the farms? Then we can assure you that Wink Restaurant only offers fresh food. All of the food comes from the farmers and purveyors from the city of Austin and surrounds. You will see that the menu provides both small and large meals. The purpose of this is to convince its customers to keep going back for me. There is even an incredible seven-course meal menu for all to try. An amazing restaurant to come to if you are a bit eater.

The Vince Young Steakhouse –

This fabulous Steakhouse was originally formed by the University of Texas. It can be found in the city of Austin. As you can guess from it’s name, steak is it’s main focus. Here you will also find a very tasteful filet mignon and a superb porterhouse for a couple of people to share. There are also a number of entrees to choose from. Such entrees include: roasted lamb chops and lobsters. La carter sides are also available. The Steakhouse fare includes mashed potatoes right through to dishes from the Southern districts. You’ll be pleased to know bacon macaroni and cheese is on this menu. If you are in need of a good steak meal, then do come here. These are just a few of the luxurious restaurants Austin has to offer. There are of course, many, many more. We hope we have inspired you to give these amazing restaurants a visit.