By Aesthetica Med Spa

The Top Hair Stylist in Austin Texas

Austin, Texas, is one place where customers are easily connected with highly qualified stylists. The city is replete with competent professionals in the beauty industry, and people who are particular about their hair will find great hairdressers that they can easily bond with. If you would want a salon that is good enough for you to frequent for your hair needs, or you want a new place for a new look in color, style and stellar cuts, there is a great hair salon for everyone in Austin Texas. Here is a look at some of them:


Located to the east of Austin, Vain is renowned for offering spectacular styles to customer’s looking to make drastic changes in their hairstyles. Its team of stylists are experts at creatively delivering vibrant colors and edgy cuts at an affordable price of about $90. This does not mean that they do not cater for the more conservative of their clients. If you desire to maintain your traditional look, the experts will be more than willing to oblige you. Ladies’ cuts start at $60, while that of men is about $40.

Urban Betty –

One breathtaking feature of the Urban Betty Salon is its floor to ceiling windows that overlook a quiet, serene courtyard. You will not fail to be impressed by the cozy and airy feel that is created by this feature. The salon has colorful sage greens and blue accents, effortlessly complemented by bright whites that create a relaxing environment. Urban Betty is located in the 26 Doors Center, and it has tremendously grown from a mere 6-seater salon in 2005 to a robust 25-seater salon that it is today. It has done so well in customer satisfaction that its owner, Chelle Neff, was recently put under consideration for the Austin 40-under-40 award. Ladies’ cuts start at $43 while men’s start at $33. The salon also offers a variety of styles, cuts and colors according to the customer’s preference. You can also request for lip waxing, brow shaping and makeup. The prices for these services vary depending on the customer’s choice.

CNN Hair Team Salon –

Established in 2012, CNN Hair Team Salon caters for children, women and men’s haircuts. Its expert team of stylist are very good with all types of hair – including the curly type that would pose a challenge to less experienced hairdressers. It has become quite popular for the wide range of services on offer. Apart from haircuts, you can visit them for deep conditioning of the hair, shampooing, bridal up-do, specialty styling, color and Brazilian Blowout, among others. Customers who speak Vietnamese and Spanish are particularly made to feel at home at CNN Hair Team Salon.

Ashleigh Grounds

Established in 2011, Ashleigh Ground has been doing very good business in downtown Austin. Ms Grounds, the proprietor, has received rave reviews for the good work her stylists do in airbrush makeup, haircuts for kids, women and men, highlights, hair color. In addition, the salon offers up-dos and styles for special occasions. The salon gets top grades for their ability to handle different hair types and skin tones. Ashley Grounds has operated with so much emphasis on customer satisfaction that it was voted the best hair expert in Austin for the year 2012.

Benjamin Beau Salon –

First time visitors to this South Lamar Boulevard are always in for a pleasant surprise: they are offered a package of $100 for cut and color. The proprietor, Beau Boncutter, ensures that first time customers become repeat customers simply by the quality of service on offer. He has also very aptly used Instagram to display photos of before-and-afters for style, colors and cuts. These serve as a guide to many clients. Benjamin Beau Salon has created a friendly atmosphere for guests by having them sit in a circular fashion during the application of colors. In this way, everyone feels free to talk to one another, and experiences and anecdotes are easily shared as the processing goes on. Other salons that offer stellar services in Austin, Texas, include WET Salon and Studio, Waterston Salon, Path Salon, Wild Orchid Salon + Spa, Thomas Saverio Salon, Cobalt Blue Salon, Cut Loose Salon, Method.Hair, MadCaps Salon, Deseo Salon, Janet St. Paul Studio for Hair Salon, and Orange among many others.