Facial Fillers In Austin

Choosing The Right Provider Of Facial Fillers In Austin As a leading provider of facial fillers in Austin, we know what it takes to make our clients completely satisfied with the service and procedures they’re given. We’re also familiar with welcoming clients who have had less than perfect experiences at other providers, and always stress […]

Belotero in Austin

In Austin Belotero injectable gel is a natural-looking, hyaluronic acid filler that will help with moderate to even severe etched-in facial lines. At Aesthetica Med Spa, we sometimes use Belotero in Austin in conjunction with other fillers, which has earned it the name of a “chaser filler”. It is a stand-alone product for filling lip […]

Botox or Filler – What’s the Difference?

Botox and fillers are both popular cosmetic dermatology treatments in Austin for people who want to maintain youthful, plumped and beautiful skin without any surgery. However, there is often confusion concerning the similarities and differences between the two procedures. If you are a novice to receiving either Botox or fillers in Austin, maybe this brief […]

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I would not go anywhere else to get lip fillers or my Botox. Truly trust Erika she does amazing work.

- Karina N.

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