By Aesthetica Med Spa
In Austin Belotero injectable gel is a natural-looking, hyaluronic acid filler that will help with moderate to even severe etched-in facial lines. At Aesthetica Med Spa, we sometimes use Belotero in Austin in conjunction with other fillers, which has earned it the name of a “chaser filler”. It is a stand-alone product for filling lip lines, superficial cheek lines, and even hard to treat etched-in lines around the eyes. Yikes, who needs those? Belotera in Austin lasts for 6-9 months and is an excellent adjunct with fillers that are used more for volume loss. For example, you might use Retylane for lip fill and then Belotero for some real help with upper lip lines and also to produce a significantly improved definition of the vermillion border. That can be a very powerful combination to totally washing away aging in the lip area and smoothing away all your concerns about lack of shape and volume. As we age, the skin begins to lose collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. Additionally some of the structural volume within the face decreases, resulting in those vertical crepey lines. As the volume and collagen decline, the etched-in lines become more prevalent, and animation lines (once visible only with certain movements) become a permanent fixture on your face. So how do you correct all this? You start the process by adding superficial volume to those small crevices with a product that is natural to the touch and fell. And, Belotero in Austin is certainly one product you can chose from. If you have been scrutinizing your face lately, here are some actual structural areas that can be treated with Belotera in Austin. The nasolabial lines (the folds that extend from the corner of your nose to the outside edge of your mouth), vertical lip lines, lip corner lines (they can give you an Unhappy face), smile lines, and the chin wrinkle. The other very nice thing about Belotera in Austin is that it has been proven to be clinically safe as well as effective in double blind studies. And, it is always fun to have same day results. Come in on your lunch break and have an improved appearance when you leave. Now that really is instant gratification! And, for the most part, there is little to no downtime. It is impossible to know where every little blood vessel is underneath the surface of the skin, and, if one is nicked, there could be a small bruise that will resolve in 3-7 days. In Austin Belotero is immediately available, amazingly effective, and absolutely affordable. You can book your free consultation today if you would like to speak with an expert concerning this treatment. Why wait another moment to look your absolute best.