By Aesthetica Med Spa
No matter if you’re considering Austin permanent makeup right now or you’ve already decided that it’s not the treatment for you, be sure to check out these five essential facts about micropigmentation. You never know – it could be a fabulous procedure for you after all!

1. Your Austin permanent makeup artist wants to achieve your goals

The thought of making permanent changes to your appearance can be very daunting, but providing that you choose a reputable, experienced technician, you needn’t worry that you’ll be left with results you don’t really want. A talented artist would never simply go ahead and draw your new lip line to suit their tastes; they’ll talk with you in lots of detail about your needs, carefully assess your features, and then perform procedures that satisfy all your expectations whilst providing very natural results.

2. You won’t see the final results instantly

It goes without saying that you will see changes as soon as soon as your technician gets to work, but the results you see when you leave the appointment will gradually change over time. Often, people feel surprised by how dark and intense their new permanent makeup seems to be and worry that the results are not exactly to their tastes. However, as the treated areas heal the pigment begins to gently fade and become its true color, which is usually much more natural than what it first appears immediately after the procedure. As with so many cosmetic procedures, you need to be patient and wait for the body to fully heal before the full results can be seen.

3. There’s more to permanent makeup in Austin than just brows, liner and lips

When many people hear ‘permanent makeup’, they think of exactly that – makeup such as eyeliner, lip liner and eyebrow enhancements. However, Austin micropigmentation can offer so much more. It can cover unsightly scars, mask the appearance of receding hairlines, help breast cancer survivors achieve natural-looking areolas and even redefine cleft lips.

4. Permanent makeup isn’t just for women

Since micropigmentation in Austin has so many applications, it’s a procedure that both men and women can enjoy. In particular, men may benefit from the treatment on their scalp if they suffer from a receding hairline. Rather than undergoing expensive and painful hair transplant procedures, it’s possible to simply clip any remaining hair very short and tattoo individual hairs directly onto the scalp to mimic the appearance of real hair. You’d be surprised at just how effective scalp simulation is.

5. Results are far more natural than you could ever expect

Permanent makeup has been around since the turn of the 20th century, but it is only within the past 10 years that it has really soared in popularity and success. More advanced equipment, techniques and pigments make it possible to achieve unbelievably natural and beautiful results now compared to a couple of decades ago – be sure to check out some before and after pictures to see just how impressive micropigmentation is today.