By Aesthetica Med Spa

We all love an indulgent face mask from time to time, but the latest treatment available at Aesthetica Med Spa takes the beautifying effects of face masks to a whole new level. Read on to find out how the innovate dEp patch could make your complexion smoother, brighter and more youthful via a series of simple and relaxing pampering sessions.

The Solution to Pesky Pigmentation

The dEp mask has been scientifically formulated to target uneven skin tone, melasma and hyperpigmentation, three key problems that are common side effects of ageing. Usually, these problems occur as a result of skin damage because UV rays stimulate pigment cells to produce a pigment called Melanin. Melanin is what stimulates tanning and gives us a sun-kissed appearance, but over time it can also cause dark patches to occur permanently. Although usually benign, these sun spots and dark areas can be unsightly and they’re a tell-tale sign of ageing.

The dEp patch C+ Liquid Gold Infusing Serum, which is applied to the skin before the dEp mask itself, has been formulated with 20% vitamin C ascorbic acid which is an incredibly powerful antioxidant that helps to reduce the appearance of this hyperpigmentation and melasma. It also has the added benefit of promoting collagen production and moisture in order to make skin more elastic and reduce the appearance of fine lines.

Cosmetic Technology Proven to Target Deeper Layers of Skin

Did you know that only around 5% of skincare lotions and creams penetrate deeper than the outermost layer of epidermis? This means that no matter how many powerful ingredients they contain, most of our skincare products aren’t being absorbed deep enough into the skin to give the most effective results. The stratum corneum, which is the very top layer of the skin, acts as an incredibly resistant barrier to chemical agents. This is important for keeping our skin healthy, but it’s also a problem for instances in which we want to apply potent active ingredients to our skin to improve the look and health of our complexion.

This is where the dEp patch comes in. Using a low, direct electrical current, the dEp patch helps to transport active ingredients deeper into the epidermis and dermis. Scientific studies have shown that it enables 300% more penetration into the epidermis than topical application can offer. By delivering active ingredients, namely vitamin C from the C+ Liquid Gold Infusing Serum, much deeper into the skin, it is possible to achieve far more efficient results.

The combination of the Liquid Gold vitamin C serum, the dEp patch’s micro current force, and daily use of the accompanying White Out Lightening Cream has been clinically proven to improve the appearance of hyperpigmentation, melasma, uneven skin tone and fine lines by up to 75%, which is astounding for a treatment that requires no surgery, needles or downtime.

A Relaxing Treat and a Potent Skincare Solution

Although the dEp patch works by delivering a micro current force to the skin, it is a completely painless procedure and while wearing the mask, patients only feel a light tingling sensation or a gentle warmth. This makes it a brilliant way to pamper yourself and indulge in some ‘me-time!’ When using it for the first time the dEp patch should be worn for 60 minutes, and then for 30 minutes twice weekly for the next month – the perfect amount of time to lay back and relax amid a busy schedule.

Another great benefit of the treatment is that there’s no need to clean away any product residue after wearing the mask. The C+ Liquid Gold serum is applied one minute before the dEp mask, which is enough time for the product to sink into the skin and the face to dry. By the time the mask is then removed, the serum will have penetrated deep into the epidermis and dermis, and skin will feel soft and clean. After that, you simply have to apply the White Out cream twice each day much like you would with a daily moisturizer. Unlike clay masks which must be rinsed off the skin or peeling masks which are often uncomfortable to remove, the dEp patch is a simple, hassle-free and truly effective face mask.