By Aesthetica Med Spa
Full, smooth and beautiful lips are often seen as one of the most important markers of our youth. As we age, tissues throughout our bodies lose volume, and it is no different with our lips; they become thinner and surrounded by fine lines, and for many they are one of the most important areas to treat with anti-aging dermatological procedures. So, how exactly can we make lips appear bigger, plumper and more youthful?


One of the most affordable and simple solutions to thin, aging lips is the use of plumping lip balms and glosses which can be purchased over the counter or from physicians. These types of products contain growth factors and hyaluronic acids which help to deeply hydrate lips and stimulate the production of collagen in order to increase volume and create a plump pout. When first applied, they also tend to stimulate blood flow in order to make the lips gently swell and temporarily appear plumper and smoother.


Fillers are an incredibly popular method for increasing volume in aging tissues all over the face and body, but they can have particularly impressive results in the lips. Most lip fillers tend to contain hyaluronic acid; here are three of the most popular lip fillers offered here at Aesthetica Med Spa.


This filler is particularly effective for individuals who require lots of volume created in their lips, but it’s also brilliant for defining the lip line in order to minimize the appearance of fine lines (known as smoker’s lines) around the outside of the lip. Juvederm contains numbing agent lidocaine, which means that as the procedure goes on, the lips become more and more numb in order to minimize discomfort. The effects of Juvederm UltraPlus XC last for six to nine months.


Also lasting six to nine months and with the addition of numbing lidocaine is Restylane-L. It doesn’t create as much volume as Juvederm, but it’s particularly great for creating sharp definition around the lip line. It is therefore best suited for those who don’t require as much volume, but simply want to improve the shape of the lips.


This is the subtlest lip filler of the three; it is designed to gently diffuse throughout tissues to produce fine enhancements without adding too much volume. It is able to fill individual lines around the mouth in order to create a smoother shape, with results remaining incredibly natural. However, it only lasts three to four months, half the time of Juvederm and Restylane-L.


Compared to surgical lip enhancement procedures, lip fillers are a more affordable and less invasive solution and they can give fantastic results. However, it’s important to note that they are not without pain, and they can cause swelling and bruising during the first 48 hours after treatment. Despite this, they are reasonably quick, and can give much more efficient and long-lasting results than plumping lip balms. To find out more about lip fillers and to find out if they’re the right treatment for you, simply contact us to book a free consultation with one of our specialist dermatologist.