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Our hairline has a significant impact on our appearance. A thinning hairline can make a person feel self-conscious, even if that person is blessed with a chiseled physique or a perfect jawline. Ask people – especially men in their 30s and above – about their biggest fears and most will mention a receding hairline. Who doesn’t want a head full of hair? Thanks to our stressful lifestyles and unhealthy food choices, thinning hair has become one of the most common problems affecting people around the world. Other causes of hair loss include genetic factors and reactions to certain medications. The worst thing about hair loss is that it can happen at any age, so if you’re in your early 20s, don’t consider yourself immune to the problem. While many of the causes of hair loss may be beyond your control, reversing hair loss isn’t. Thanks to advancements in cosmetic science, people experiencing hair loss can finally say goodbye to itchy patches, weird caps, or any other methods they use to hide their receding hairlines. To give their patients a full head of hair, many surgeons perform hair-transplant procedures. Many of these procedures, however, come with risks such as infection, excessive bleeding, and itching. STEMGlo PRP treatment avoids these issues entirely. This non-surgical procedure involves using platelet-rich plasma (PRP) to stimulate hair follicles.


Our blood contains several substances, including platelet-rich plasma. PRP is a storehouse of growth factors that are known to promote cell growth. When it is reinjected into the body in key areas, it stimulates growth in those areas. Injecting PRP into the hair follicles makes these follicles healthier, encouraging growth of new hair.

Benefits of STEMGlo PRP Treatment

• No recovery period involved • Minimal side-effects and risks • One-hundred-percent natural method • Sustainable results

Ideal Candidates

STEMGlo PRP treatment is perfect for anyone who is experiencing hair loss. The process works wonders for people who have been experiencing hair loss from an early age. The procedure is found to be particularly effective in reversing the effects of androgenic alopecia, a specific type of hereditary baldness pattern.

The STEMGlo PRP Procedure

The first step of STEMGlo PRP treatment involves drawing blood from the patient’s body. Next, the blood sample is placed in a centrifuge that isolates the blood from the PRP. In the final step, the PRP is injected into the person’s scalp. Typically, the process takes around an hour and 20 minutes. In most cases, medical professionals prefer using an ice pack or cool air instead of anesthesia to help patients avoid discomfort and pain during treatment. Hair growth usually starts a couple of months after the procedure. It is most obvious around five to eight months after treatment. Continued hair growth will be evident for up to a year.

Post-Procedure Care

Patients can go back to their home the same day as their STEMGlo PRP treatment, and no downtime will be needed. • Avoid physically demanding activities until any post-treatment swelling ameliorates. • Steer clear of anti-inflammatory drugs for at least a couple of weeks after your treatment. • Increase your water intake. • Avoid smoking and drinking for at least three days after the procedure. • Do not touch, scratch, or try to manipulate the area for at least six hours after the procedure.

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