By Aesthetica Med Spa


We offer facial waxing at Aesthetica Med Spa. We can help you groom your eyebrows, wax your upper lip, or any other facial area. Facial waxing consists of applying warm melted wax mixed with oil and rosin over unwanted hairs on the face. A strip of muslin is then placed over the wax and pulled off. We recommend that this procedure be done every six weeks and that unwanted hairs be grown out at least 1/4 of an inch away from the skin, otherwise the wax will not catch it.


  • No stubble – shaving the hair on your face creates stubble, whereas waxing pulls the hairs from the roots, leaving smooth skin with no stubble
  • Long lasting results – depending on how fast your hair grows, a wax could last anywhere from two to six weeks (much longer than shaving)
  • Less hair growth – the more you wax, the less your hair will grow since waxing will ultimately damage the hair follicle
  • Precision – at Aesthetica Med Spa, our technicians have complete control over which areas of your face get waxed, which means the areas you don’t want waxed will remain untouched and you’ll get the most desired results
Austin facial waxing at Aesthetica Med Spa will leave your face feeling smooth and rejuvenated with great, long lasting results. To learn more about our procedures similar to Austin Facial Waxing, such as Austin facials, please fill out the form for a consultation.