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Maintaining a good figure is hard work. It requires working out on a regular basis, following a healthy diet, and staying disciplined in your efforts. Despite all of this, most people still have pockets of stubborn fat that just won’t go away. These pockets of fat come about as a result of lifestyle factors, hereditary factors, and our hormones. With liposuction, you can deal with pockets of excess fat once and for all. The appeal of liposuction is its ability to remove fat cells and giving the body a more aesthetically pleasing shape. Body-Jet liposuction is an innovative and gentle method used for surgical reduction of persistent excess fat.

What Is Body-Jet Liposuction?

Body-Jet liposuction, also known as water-jet-assisted liposuction, uses a highly concentrated saline solution applied in a sequence to dislodge fat cells. Because it is so much gentler than traditional liposuction, it minimizes damage to blood vessels and the areas treated.

What Are the Benefits of Body-Jet Liposuction?

Because Body-Jet liposuction is one of the safest techniques for removing fat cells, it has a number of benefits: • There is no requirement for general anesthesia. • There is minimal downtime; people can resume normal activities in 24 hours. • There is much less post-surgical swelling and bruising than there would be with traditional liposuction. • Only minimal discomfort is experienced during the procedure. • Multiple areas can be treated during a single treatment session.

How Does Body-Jet Liposuction Work?

Body-Jet liposuction uses a gentle and minimally invasive approach to deliver results. This innovative procedure bypasses the trauma and discomfort that is typically experienced with conventional liposuction. Thanks to its water-jet technology, fat is removed from the body with lesser force. The intensity of the saline jet detaches fat cells from their surrounding tissues and allows the suction cannula to remove them freely.

What Happens in a Body-Jet Liposuction Surgery?

During the procedure, the patient is placed on their side. Small incisions are made in the treatment areas, and a tumescent solution is administered. The solution consists of saline, adrenaline, and local anesthetic. Liposuction is performed with the Body-Jet machine and micro-cannulae. The saline from the cannula dislodges and separates fat cells and helps remove them. Pulses of the saline will be used to remove and sculpt the fat cells. After the procedure, the incisions are stitched closed with external sutures. The areas are covered with gauze pads. It is performed as an outpatient procedure, and patients can return to their normal workday immediately after the procedure.

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Body-Jet liposuction provides excellent results and has a higher margin of safety. It has been found to be the best liposuction technology available. To find out more about what Body-Jet liposuction can do for your appearance, the first step is consulting with a skilled medical professional at Aesthetica Med Spa. During your consultation, you will be able to look at before-and-after photos and ask any questions you may have. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.