By Aesthetica Med Spa

In America, and in a fitness-enthused city like Austin, there tends to be this pervasive fear of fat. Our culture has all but waged full open war against this formidable opponent. Constantly on a seek-and-destroy mission for this hated enemy, it’s easy to forget that well, not all fat is bad. When it comes to the face, fat is actually what creates that coveted look of youth and vitality.

As we age, we gradually begin to lose fat from our face, which diminishes the appearance of the smooth, full facial contour that we boasted during our younger years. Much like a deflating beach ball, the loss of facial volume causes the overlying skin to appear lax and sunken in. Not only does the loss of volume make the face look gaunt and haggard, but fine lines and facial wrinkles also become visible as skin loses its underlying structure.

There are a number of injectable facial fillers on the market, and all work quite well, depending on your specific needs of course. One of the most popular fillers for plumping and smoothing however comes from your own body. Fat harvested from your own body can be re-injected under your skin to fill out areas of diminished volume. This process is known as fat transfer or fat grafting.


  • Nasolabial folds (Lines from the corners of the mouth to the nose)
  • Sunken areas beneath eyes
  • Hollowed cheeks
  • Forehead creases

Fat transfer is a relatively simple dermatology procedure as this natural filler can be harvested from any area where excess fat resides, such as the stomach, thighs, buttocks, etc.. Once fat is removed, it is then injected in the hollowed regions that require volume enhancement. These tissue transplants essentially become fully integrated with and a part of the surrounding fat cells and tissue. The result is a more naturally rejuvenated look without the need for stretching or skin removal.

As an injectable filler, your own natural fat is really quite perfect. It is soft and natural feeling and moves and behaves in a completely normal and cohesive manner. Unlike synthetic fillers, it has little chance of rejection complications and can achieve exceptional and long-lasting results. Best of all, it’s something you already have! Fat transfer requires very little fat and most individuals have more than enough fat tissue to be used in fat transfer procedures. The fat harvested for fat grafting is often a byproduct of liposuction, which we also perform in our office. In fact, the particular liposuction technique that we use, Body-Jet Liposuction, is ideal for fat harvesting due to the system’s improved accuracy and gentler fat removal method. Body-Jet uses a gentle, pulsating spray of fluid to dislodge and wash away fat. Without the extreme force that is used in traditional lipo, the fat extracted during body-jet liposuction is in more pristine condition with minimal tissue trauma, making it ideal for fat transfer.

Unlike other facial fillers such as Restylane, fat transfers can be used in greater volume to fill in larger defects. The procedure can be performed under local anesthesia and results of fat grafting can easily last anywhere from 3½-5 years.


Another area that is popular for fat transfer is the hands. Much like your face, your hands are pretty much always on display, and therefore more susceptible to damage from the sun and other elements. As we get older, we loose fat layers from the hands as well, making them appear bony and wrinkled. So, even if we’ve sustained an excellent facial skincare routine throughout our lives, the hands can often be an apparent indicator of our age. Fat transfers can be injected into the back of the hands to plump up and fill these hollow areas, giving you a more complete age-reversing treatment.

Aesthetica Med Spa now offers a new and innovative fat transfer procedure for natural breast augmentation using your body’s own fat as well. Call our office to learn more about Austin fat transfer services.