By Aesthetica Med Spa
Juvederm Volbella treatment is a fabulous new filler from Allergan which can give a wide variety of very subtle and natural results in various areas of the face. So, what could it do for you? We’ve answered all your pressing questions about the uses for this incredible injectable.

Can Volbella treatment reduce the appearance of my smoker’s lines?

Absolutely! A Volbella treatment is FDA approved for lip augmentation and the treatment of perioral rhytids, which are the fine horizontal lines which occur around the mouth. Typically found in smokers, but also very common in nonsmokers, these lines are a major telltale sign of aging. Since Volbella XC has a very soft consistency, it’s a brilliant filler for gently smoothing out these lines whilst maintaining a very natural shape to the lips.

Can it improve the shape of my lips?

Yes. The soft consistency mentioned above makes it possible for clinicians to carefully augment the shape of the lips in order to restore lost volume without creating an excessively plumped look. Those who feel that the natural shape of their lips has declined with age are able to restore their youthful pout, and those who have particularly straight or thin lips can achieve a more defined cupids bow and delicately plumped appearance that looks very natural. Volbella treatment is also a great filler for gently lifting the corners of the lips, which is ideal for those who have a downward shape to their mouth.

Can it give me very full, luscious lips?

Volbella is designed to give a very soft, natural look, so if you’re looking for a dramatically augmented pout with lots of volume, it may not be the right filler for you. It can do wonders for the natural shape of the lips, help to create a more defined cupids bow and alleviate the fine lines around the mouth which can make lips look smaller, but the effects are designed to be very natural. For a more dramatic effect, Juvederm Ultraplus XC may be a more suitable filler, because it can provide plenty of luscious volume. Ultimately, your clinician will use the most suitable fillers for your unique features and needs, so be sure to book in for a consultation so that you can discuss the best method for achieving the results you desire.

Can it reduce the severity of my smile lines?

Nasolabial folds, the lines which run from the outside of the nose down to the mouth, are often an unwanted side effect of aging. However, they’re also referred to as our “smile lines” and are a signifier of all the happy moments in our life so far. Rather than completely smoothing them out completely, Volbella can add a touch of extra volume in order to gently soften them. It’s a great way to achieve a more youthful appearance without completely doing away with those cheerful smile lines.

Can it do anything for my crows feet?

Yes! Although Volbella is most frequently used as a filler for the lips and mouth area, it’s also a great one for gently smoothing away crows feet. Since crows feet tend to be very fine lines, the soft consistency of Volbella is perfect for adding just a touch of added volume to plump up the skin and create an incredibly natural finish.