By Aesthetica Med Spa
If you are unaware of the importance of SPF, you may be living with your head under the sand. Doctors, aestheticians, magazines, and news outlets have been stressing its importance tirelessly for years. If SPF is not part of your skin care routine, you must add one now. While sunscreens do keep you from burning in the sun, they also help protect against serious skin damage, fine lines, wrinkles, and dark spots. To give you more insight into the world of SPF, we have these ten tips to keep you protected: 1. Use your SPF as a separate skin care step. SPF should always be the last step before applying makeup. Do not rely on makeup with SPF alone, this is not enough protection . 2. Just because it is an overcast or a rainy day, SPF is still a must. The UVB and UVA sun rays will peak through the clouds and cause damage to your unprotected skin. 3. There is no such thing as 100% water proof or sweat proof SPF. Make sure to reapply throughout the day and after a dip in the pool. 4. Wearing SPF is not limited to your day at the beach or other outdoor activities. You are affected by the sun’s damaging rays during daily activities such as driving to work and running errands. Did you know that your office’s fluorescent lights give off harmful UV rays? They do! Apply a body lotion with a built-in SPF to make sure you have daily protection. 5. Don’t forget to apply SPF to your lips! They too are affected by the sun, which can cause wrinkles and volume loss. 6. Make certain your sunscreen has broad-spectrum protection. Protection from both UVB and UVA rays is recommended. A physical sunscreen of zinc and titanium is always the best defense. 7. Sunscreens have expiration dates too. If a date is not listed on your bottle, toss after one season of use. 8. Do not let your skin issues deter you from wearing sunscreen. We offer sunscreens made specifically for acne-prone skin, oily skin, dry skin, and skin exposed to the elements during endurance sports. 9. Do not leave your sunscreen in your hot car. Our Texas heat will break down your sunscreen and make it less effective. 10. Many sunscreens irritate the eye area. Do not let this hinder you from protecting this important area! Look for sunscreens that are specifically formulated for the eye area and always wear sunglasses with UVA/UVB protection. We hope you have learned something new from these tips. Let these be a reminder of the importance of SPF. Here at Aesthetica, we offer an array of sunscreen options that will suit every skin need. Come in to find your new sunscreen today!