For many people struggling with stretch marks, turning to plastic surgery and med spa treatments after stretch marks begin to appear can be effective. But did you know that recent studies have shown several proven methods of preventing stretch marks from forming and/or minimizing their development?

Whatever the cause of your stretch marks—whether they’re from weight gain, rapid muscle growth or pregnancy—it’s best to make friends with a rich moisturizer, to protect your skin from showing those permanent stretch mark scars.

Stretch marks may appear for a variety of reasons, but they are typically the result of extreme or rapid weight gain in a particular area of the body. You may also be more prone to see stretch marks if your direct relatives had stretch marks during periods of weight gain and/or pregnancy. In fact, pregnancy is the most common cause of stretch marks in women. Two of the best stretch mark prevention techniques are simply moisturizing and maintaining a healthy weight.

Although there is no way to guarantee stretch mark prevention, professionals recommend certain kinds of high-quality products and routines for the best results. If you’re looking to prevent stretch marks from a pregnancy, beauty and medical field professionals recommend a rich moisturizer, with a cocoa butter or shea butter base. These types of emollient-filled creams have the best chance of preventing the dark scars and creases that may form as your belly, buttocks, hips and breasts stretch to accommodate your growing baby.

While maintaining a healthy weight is medically ideal for a long list of reasons, keeping your body from becoming overweight will also reduce the likelihood of over-stretching your skin and developing stretch marks. In times of extreme weight gain, including weight-lifting and/or body-building exercise, you may need to moisturize the areas of your body that are building in mass for adequate stretch mark prevention. Some medications may also cause side effects that may affect your weight and/or hormones, possibly causing stretch marks. In this case, your doctor may recommend appropriate methods of stretch mark prevention if this is a concern.


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