vi-peel-header Austin VI Peel Anti-Aging Skin Care

Austin VI PeelGentle yet powerful, anti-aging, suitable for all skin types and completely painless: the VI Peel is now available at Aesthetica Med Spa and is quickly becoming the most popular chemical peel in Austin.

This medium depth, medical-grade chemical peel contains a sophisticated blend of highly effective skin care products, including TCA, retinoic acid, phenol and salicylic acid. From wrinkles to blemishes and fine lines to melasma, this multi-talented peel is one of the most effective non-surgical, anti-aging products currently available in the US.

How does the Austin VI Peel work?

The Austin VI Peel works in exactly the same way as any other chemical peel. The ingredients in the peel work to gently blister the very top layers of skin which then peel off over a number of days. By doing this, new skin is revealed which tends to be smoother, brighter and more even.

Chemical peels, when performed by a dermatological expert like those in our spa, are completely safe and an excellent solution for people who want to rejuvenate their skin and smooth out mild skin laxity without the invasion or expense of surgery. What makes the VI Peel a particularly special chemical peel treatment is that it is gentle enough to use on all skin types, yet powerful enough to provide incredibly dramatic results for a variety of skin issues.

Which is the best VI Peel for your skin?

We provide two key VI Peel products: the VI Peel Precision and the VI Peel Precision Plus.

Austin VI Peel-vitalityThe Austin VI Peel Precision is a wonderful treatment for aging skin because it contains a higher concentration of rejuvenating ingredients than the original VI formulation. Aging skin tends to be harder to treat, but the powerful effects of the VI Peel Precision allow it to soften wrinkles and fine lines, minimize areas of light pigmentation to produce a more even tone, and buff away rough texture to leave skin beautifully soft and smooth.

If you suffer from a more dramatic case of hyperpigmentation or have pesky sun spots and liver spots that are aging your complexion, the VI Peel Precision Plus will likely be a more suitable chemical peel. This formulation contains all the high concentrations of the original Precision peel to target skin laxity and texture issues, but it will also minimize the appearance of liver spots and dramatically brighten stubborn pigmentation, leaving a more even complexion and gorgeously healthy skin.

Is the VI peel painful, and how long will it take to recover?

The Austin VI Peel has been developed to be as gentle as possible to the skin and is, therefore, a completely painless procedure. It also works very quickly – peeling of the skin occurs quickly over a few days and is usually over within just 5 or 6 days, at which point skin looks smooth, fresh, bright and more youthful. It’s the perfect chemical peel procedure to undergo before an important event at which you want to look your best – just schedule in your treatment a week in advance.

To find out more about the VI Peel and to discover how it could you reclaim youthful, healthy skin, simply get in touch to book a free consultation with one of our skincare experts.