Nutritional Supplementation

Vitamin Testing & Nutritional Supplementation in Austin

Vitamin Testing & Nutritional Supplementation in Austin

Proper Nutrition is an essential component of leading a happy, healthy life. When we are not properly nourished, a whole host of problems can crop up. Poor nutrition, vitamin deficiency or being over nourished in the case of obesity, can all lead to chronic health problems.

Numerous studies have shown that vitamin deficiencies play a significant role in chronic health conditions such as osteoporosis, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, diabetes, asthma, multiple sclerosis, depression, joint pain and more. Therefore, identifying and treating potential vitamin deficiencies is an important step in avoiding future health issues.

At our Austin clinic, we perform a number of specific vitamin tests to determine what kind of nutritional supplementation program you would benefit from as an individual. These tests measure every vitamin, mineral, amino acid and antioxidant to provide a powerful clinical assessment of your unique supplementation needs.

We also do advanced lipid studies. These studies not only test your cholesterol, but also evaluate the size and number of LDL particles and assess a number of genetic and inflammatory factors. These numbers can delineate the possibility of early heart disease and allow patients to take a proactive approach to managing their health.

Finally, we do tests for celiac disease and other food sensitivities. Recognizing these conditions and making the appropriate adjustments is critically important for your wellbeing. Whether it’s food allergies or food sensitivities, we can intervene in this area and help you with the necessary dietary and lifestyle changes to restore your health.

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