At Aesthetica Medspa we offer Facials, offering patients a relaxing and soothing environment as our trained medical aestheticians detoxify and revitalize their skin using advanced techniques for deep pore cleansing, including facial massage, lymphatic drainage, steam, hot towels, mask, & extractions.

We customize your facial based on what your skin needs that day. Whether you are dry, oily, acneic etc we will create a unique blend of products using enzymes, steam, medical grade products, etc.


Our facial dermatology procedure is custom designed to eliminate clogged pores, blackheads and other impurities that may the appearance and overall health of the skin. Your Austin facial at Aesthetica will incorporate a variety of grooming steps depending on your unique skin profile. Treatments may include the application of creams, masks, peels, steam, exfoliation, lotions and massage. Our facials are typically offered in 45 and 55 minute treatments and are recommended once every four to six weeks in order to uphold and maintain the health and beauty of the skin.

Every woman longs for that healthy, glowing look, the kind of skin that radiates with youth and vitality and lights up a room every time she walks into it. Our face is the first thing people notice about us and can make a big impression on the people we meet and interact with on a daily basis. Healthy, youthful-looking skin is evenly pigmented with a very smooth, velvety texture. This idyllic skin is plump and dewy, and pores are so small they are practically undetectable. The color of the complexion is also vibrant and bright. All of these components make for skin that is so flawless it doesn’t even need a drop of makeup. Sound too good to be true? It’s not!

If your face is too dry, too oily, or you’re continuously searching for ways to cover up unattractive facial blemishes, an Austin facial from our spa is just what you need! Facial treatments offer a myriad of benefits that will restore an instant glow to your complexion, leaving you looking stunning and feeling more confident than ever.

Facials help remove the dead skin cells that build up on our skin over time and that give our complexion a tarnished, colorless appearance. This also enables your skin to more easily absorb products for protection, nourishment and hydration. Cleansing the skin of impurities also facilitates a healthier PH balance, which boosts your skin’s ability to fight off disease and aging. Implementing facials as a regular part of your beauty regime can also stimulate facial muscles while increasing the skin’s tone. This process is helpful in making the skin more resistant to sagging and drooping of facial tissues as we age.

Another plus side of getting regular facial treatments is the stress-reducing benefits they offer as well. We tend to harbor a lot of tension in the face. A high-quality facial massage can help relieve this tension and can facilitate relaxation of the overall body as well. In addition to these beauty benefits, having your Austin facial performed by one of our trained Aestheticians gives you the advantage of having your skin professionally evaluated.

Studies show that over 60% of people inaccurately define their own skin type, leading them to purchase the wrong skin care products. A professional skin care specialist will be able to properly analyze your skin care needs and make appropriate suggestions based on your unique skin profile.

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