Stretch marks are a burden for many Americans, including many in Austin. It makes sense that, if stretch marks are the result of skin doing just that—stretching—then there are obvious causes of this condition. Among the most common sources of stretch marks are pregnancy, weight gain and muscle mass growth.

There may also be additional signs to look for if you suspect you may be prone to developing stretch marks, as they are often likely to reappear within the same family from one generation to the next.

Essentially, stretch marks are the result of your skin being stretched beyond its capacity for normal elasticity and pliancy.

While your skin may have the means to expand and contract slightly over time, when certain areas of the body are required to stretch too quickly, your skin cannot keep up with the demands of that extreme growth.

Stretch marks may start out dark in color, then fade to white or silver over time, and often range from flat scar-like lines to deeper, indented ridges, depending on the severity of the case.

Many women are worried about getting stretch marks during pregnancy. While you may not understand exactly what causes stretch marks during this process, you are likely among the majority of women willing to take all necessary precautions to prevent them from forming.

Professionals say your best chance of fighting stretch marks during pregnancy is by applying a rich moisturizer to the skin on and around your belly as early as possible into your pregnancy, as well as throughout those nine months and beyond.

Dedicated moisturizing is also recommended for other causes of stretch marks as well. If you have recently gained weight, especially rapidly, or are planning to build muscle mass through an intensive workout plan, your body’s skin may respond by developing stretch marks in the areas with the most growth. If your skin is on the drier side and therefore has less elasticity and capacity for stretching, frequent application of a special moisturizer may also remedy this common cause of stretch marks.


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