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Have you noticed a difference to your sex life or bladder control after having children or going through the menopause? Have you resigned yourself to these changes as a natural part of motherhood or of getting older? ThermiVa Austin is a revolutionary new treatment that is allowing women just like you to say no to these unwanted changes and get their pelvic health back on track.

WHAT IS ThermiVa?

ThermiVa is a small, slim wand – no wider than the size of your index finger – that emits radio frequency (RF) energy to apply gentle heat to vaginal and pelvic tissues. The heat generated works in two ways: to shrink loose tissues and to stimulate the body’s natural production of collagen in order to make tissues more elastic. As well as tightening tissues, ThermiVa in Austin can help to restore nervous tissues responsible for intimate sensation and bladder function.

Used on both the external anatomical areas of the vagina as well as inside the vaginal canal, ThermiVa Austin is a nonsurgical dermatological procedure that can both improve aesthetics and physical health of the vagina and bladder. It is a fast and effective treatment that poses far less risk and absolutely no downtime compared to invasive and expensive aesthetic or medical vaginal surgeries.


The results of ThermiVa in Austin are extensive and include:

– Tightening of the vaginal canal
– Shrinkage of stretched labial tissues
– Improved sexual sensation
– Increased ability to reach orgasm
– Improved bladder control
– Reduction in urine leaks or dribbles
– Increase in natural vaginal moisture

For women who have been struggling with bladder weakness, vaginal dryness or reduced sexual sensation for some time, the results ThermiVa provide can help to increase confidence, happiness and overall well-being. The women who have undergone ThermiVa in Austin at our spa have reported that the treatment has significantly improved their quality of life and their intimate relationships.

WHO IS ThermiVa FOR?

ThermiVa Austin is suitable for any woman who feels that their vagina simply doesn’t look or feel like it used to.


In Austin, ThermiVa is particularly popular with women who have had children, as the process of giving birth vaginally can stretch vaginal tissues and cause the vagina to feel ‘looser’ than it was before. Not only can this affect the aesthetics of the external vagina, but it can also reduce sexual sensation and inhibit a woman’s ability to reach orgasm. By tightening up tissues with ThermiVa, women can regain sexual pleasure and feel more confident when being intimate with their partner.


Women who have gone through the menopause can also benefit significantly from ThermiVa in Austin. As a result of the body producing less estrogen, muscles and tissues all over the body lose strength and elasticity, and this can cause the vagina to feel ‘loose’. Furthermore, lack of estrogen often means that the body produces less vaginal moisture, which not only makes sexual intercourse difficult or painful, but can also cause general day to day discomfort. The tightening effects of ThermiVa Austin can help to improve both of these problems in postmenopausal women.


It is common for both mothers and postmenopausal women to experience bladder weakness as a result of their vaginal and pelvic muscles becoming weaker. This can result in urine leaks when coughing, laughing or sneezing, or it can make it difficult to hold on long enough to reach the bathroom when the urge to urinate occurs. Since ThermiVa can help to regenerate nervous tissues, it can help patients to increase bladder control and say goodbye to those embarrassing leaks or accidents.

IS ThermiVa SAFE?

The technology that ThermiVa uses is FDA approved for use in dermatological procedures, meaning that it is deemed perfectly safe. The heat generated by the RF energy is only mild and fully controlled by the physician, so you should not feel any discomfort and it certainly will not damage tissues.


The number of treatment sessions you require will vary depending on the results you hope to achieve and the severity of your current tissue weakness. Most patients undergo a minimum of three treatments, but your physician will be able to better advise you on the number of sessions needed.


The effects of ThermiVa therapy tend to last from nine months to one year, after which time further treatments will be required in order to maintain the best results.


If you want to overcome a lack of intimate sensation, bladder weakness, or vaginal dryness, or would simply like to improve the aesthetics of your external vagina but do not want to undergo the discomfort or downtime of surgery, ThermiVa could definitely be a suitable procedure for you. To find out more about the positive impact it could have on your life, book a free consultation with one of our physicians in Austin, Texas. Contact us today to book your appointment for the first step toward a happier, more confident you.


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