Thermi250 uses very similar RF technology to that of ThermiSmooth but it is an even more versatile system, making it possible to target excess fat and laxity from head to toe. Thermi250 is ideal for treating parts of the body where there are particularly stubborn areas of fat or loose skin, such as the back, hips and thighs.


Thermi250 is slightly more advanced than ThermiRF and boasts two incredibly important features. Firstly, it offers precision depth control which makes it even easier to target very specific treatment areas. Secondly, it includes a wide array of electrodes, each of which allows the system to treat different parts of the body no matter the size and shape of the area. This makes it even easier for physicians to provide a highly efficient smoothing and tightening treatment, even on the most hard-to-reach areas.

IS Thermi250 AS SAFE AS ThermiSmooth?

Thermi250 has been through all the same safety checks and approval processes as the ThermiRF and ThermiSmooth treatment; it is simply a different iteration of the same technology. Although it can provide more highly targeted treatment and tends to be more effective in dealing with unwanted fat, the treatment is no harsher or riskier than that of ThermiSmooth and includes the same temperate monitoring controls to prevent burns or discomfort.

WHO IS Thermi250 FOR?

Thermi250 is designed for both men and women who have areas of loose, sagging skin, or fatty deposits which remain unaffected by exercise. Problems like these are common and natural aspects of ageing, as the skin loses tone and elasticity as we get older, and we tend to retain fat in certain areas. Many people have Thermi250 treatments on the thighs, around the knees, on the hips to alleviate ‘love handles’ and on the back. No matter what area of the body you are unhappy with, Thermi250 may be able to provide the smoothing, tightening effect you need for the area to look more youthful.

SHOULD I CHOOSE ThermiSmooth OR Thermi250?

Without medical knowledge, it can be difficult to know whether you are best suited for ThermiSmooth or Thermi250 treatment, so you should consult a physician for a full assessment. We offer free consultations which are a great opportunity to discuss your concerns and aspirations with a professional, receive advice on which treatment is right for you, and get answers to any further questions you have about Thermi250 technology. Contact us now to book your appointment.