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All the inch-losing effects of liposuction, with none of the surgery, needles, pain or downtime – it may sound too good to be true, but that’s exactly what the incredible Strawberry Laser treatment offers. If you’d love to shift a few inches of stubborn fat from your tummy, hips, back or thighs without the expense or inconvenience of surgery, Strawberry Laser could be the perfect procedure for you.

Fast Results, No Pain and No Downtime.

Strawberry Laser is an FDA approved treatment method which uses Class 2, 3B laser beams to remove fat and give instant, noticeable results. It is completely safe, pain-free and clinically proven to remove an average of 3.7 inches from the mid-section within just eight 20-minute long treatment sessions.

One of the reasons Strawberry Laser is so popular is that it offers immediate results and patients can see a difference in their size after each and every session. In order to get the very best results, a series of eight treatment sessions is recommended, but after each one you will see a real difference in the size and shape of your body.

How Strawberry Laser Works

Strawberry Laser directs energy from cold lasers onto targeted areas of the body with excess fat. The energy emitted from the lasers works to irradiate adipocyte cells (fat cells) beneath the skin, without affecting the surrounding tissues. After around six minutes, the laser energy causes pores within the adipocyte cell membranes to temporarily open, causing water, glycerol and free fatty acids to move out of the cells and into the interstitial space.

This causes the adipocyte cells to collapse, without surrounding tissues, muscles or blood vessels being at all affected. The fat cells are not completely destroyed, but their size is reduced, meaning that the overall size of the body part being targeted is also reduced. The glycerol from the cells is quickly absorbed by the body, whilst the emitted water carries off fatty acids through the lymphatic systems where they are processed through the liver and kidneys and passed out of the body in urine.

With each treatment, the laser light is able to penetrate deeper into fatty tissues, which means that more inch loss and better body contouring can be achieved.

Clinically Proven to Really Lose Inches

Strawberry Laser has an incredible track record, with clinical trials having proven both its efficacy and its safety. The FDA double blind clinical study found participants experienced an average inch loss of 3.7 inches around the mid-section after just eight treatments, each one 20 minutes long. The trials also showed no adverse reactions in any patients, which demonstrates just how safe the treatment is.

What to Expect from Strawberry Laser Treatments

At each Strawberry Laser treatment, you will be weighed, measured, and marked with a pen in order so that the lasers can be positioned most effectively. You will then be asked to lie down and relax as the laser paddles are applied to the targeted area. Then, the procedure can begin; the Strawberry Laser device is turned on and the cold low level lasers painlessly emulsify fat. Patients usually report that the lasers simply feel warm, but not at all uncomfortable, and some even fall asleep as they feel so relaxed during the procedure! After the 20 minute treatment is over, the patient can undergo a second treatment on a second area of the body if necessary.

Once both areas have been treated, you will be measured again in order that you can see just how effective the procedure has been. You will then be asked to stand on a body vibration device for 10 minutes. This causes muscles throughout the body to contract and relax very rapidly, which stimulates the lymphatic system to better eliminate the fatty components emulsified by the laser treatment.

When you have completed the 20 minutes on the vibration plate, you’re free to leave and go on with your day as normal. There’s no downtime and no adverse effects to look out for.

Results as Fast or Slow as You Desire

For the best results, we recommend patients undergo a course of eight treatments, each one 20 minutes long. It is possible to undergo a treatment every other day if you’d like very quick results, but most patients tend to opt for twice-weekly treatments for four weeks, as this ensures that their inch-loss is gradual and looks natural to others. Should you wish to lose more inches after the first eight treatments, you can safely undergo many more provided that you have a two-week break between each course of eight treatments.

Permanent Results with a Healthy Lifestyle

Strawberry Laser can provide you with permanent results, provided that you maintain a healthy diet and exercise regime to maintain your new weight and size. The procedure gives both immediate and progressive results, which often gives people the incentive to live healthier lifestyles in order to maintain their sleek new body shape.

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If you’ve got a few stubborn inches to lose and want a convenient, painless and effective solution, you’re the perfect candidate for Strawberry Laser. To find out more about the procedure and to chat with an expert about the results you could achieve, please get in touch with us to arrange a free consultation.