COOL LIPO Laser Liposuction Austin

The Cool Lipo Laser Liposuction system is one of the safest systems on the market. The wavelength for this laser is a 1320 wavelength. Other systems use a 1064. Cool Touch, introduced the 1064 wavelength to aesthetics but elected not to use the 1064 wavelength for this Austin dermatology procedure because of unwanted side effects.

A revolutionary development in the field of body sculpting has occurred, laser liposuction in Austin. A laser is used to reduce the fat cells and is less invasive than traditional Austin liposuction. The Cool Lipo Laser is different than other methods of laser liposuction in that it has a dual mode. One mode is for liposuction and one for tightening. With the lipo mode, the laser liquefies the fat and the fat can be removed or just be absorbed into the body. You certainly get some tightening of the tissues but using the tightening mode after the lipo will tighten the skin even more. According to many of our Austin liposuction reviews, many patients have enjoyed the benefits of this procedure!

Here are some answers to commonly asked questions about liposuction in Austin:

How Does COOL LIPO Work?

Cool Lipo uses 2 different sizes of laser fibers to liquefy the fat. One is small for smaller areas (jowls, neck, male breasts (gynecomastia), knees and other small fatty areas) and a larger tube for bigger areas (stomach, arms, inner and outer thighs, back fat). The fiber is gently moved back and forth in the skin and the fat is liquefied. The Cool Lipo is different than other models in that it does not just rely upon this liquefying of the fat for the skin retraction but also has another mode on the laser and the skin is further tightened after the fat destruction process. Because we use local anesthesia and general anesthesia is unnecessary, there are fewer side effects, minimal swelling and very little, if any, bruising.

Who is a Good Candidate for This Austin Liposuction Procedure?

If you are in good health and have fat that has not responded to persistent dieting and exercise you may be a perfect candidate for strong>Cool Lipo. Normal body weight individuals with realistic expectations are the best candidates. If you have unevenness from past traditional Austin liposuction or surgeries (tummy tuck), this will also even out the areas that were not the way you desired them to be after surgery.

I Only Need Skin Tightening?

Cool Lipo is the only system that offers the dual mode! Yes, if you have no fat in an area but just want tightening, Cool Lipo is the perfect Austin Liposuction treatment for this. Loose skin on arms (triceps and bicep areas), inner thighs, stomach, jawline, neck and buttock droop are all areas that respond well to just tightening. No other Austin laser lipo can do this!

How Many Treatments are Necessary?

Usually just one treatment is necessary. Sessions last for 45 min. to 2 hours depending on how many areas and how much fat or tightening is needed. Once fat cells are removed or destroyed they don’t come back. The beauty of the system is that since you aren’t using general anesthesia, you can come back for more with minimal, if any, risk, as often as you would like!

What Type of Aftercare is Necessary?

For jowls and neck, it is usually necessary for a head band for 24 hours. With other areas a garment is usually suggested for a week to 2 weeks. After lipo treatment, there is minimal discomfort and little to no bruising. It just feels like the ache after an intense workout. 1-2 days downtime with no intense activity is suggested. You can return to work the next day if you do not have a strenuous job. It is truly the “Lunchtime, dinnertime or weekend lipo” procedure!

What Can I Expect in Regards to Cellulite?

There will likely be an improvement with the lipo and with the additional tightening mode with Cool Lipo, even better effects will be seen with cellulite!

Will I See Results Quickly?

Results are immediate but there is a some swelling so full results are seen over several days to a few months for the total effect.

Do the COOL LIPO Results Last?

Cool Lipo results last because the fat cells are disrupted. Weight gain in the future will be put on in different areas than your lipo treated areas. With the tightening that is offered with Cool Lipo, the area will stay tighter longer making it one of the best Austin liposuction treatments available today.

Is There Any Pain During the Procedure?

Local anesthesia is used (tumescent technique). The anesthesia is put in only in the area(s) that the lipo will be done. You are not “put under”! You are fully awake during the procedure. If you would like something for anxiety, an anti-anxiety med can be given. We suggest you have someone drive you to and from your appointment. You will just feel a little pinching as the local anesthesia is put in. You will not feel discomfort during your procedure.

What About Possible Scars and Stitches?

Usually no stitch is required since the laser fiber is so small and the laser that dissolves the fat also coagulates blood vessels so no bleeding takes place. You may have a little drainage after the procedure but this is minimal. The insertion point of the tiny tube usually heals with no scarring. It is hard to find the insertion point of the tube after a few months.

Is COOL LIPO Really Safe?

Since there is no general anesthesia given (being put under), the risks associated with anesthesia are basically eliminated. There is less bleeding than with traditional liposuction in Austin and there is less bruising. This procedure is very safe.

How Many Areas Can I Have Done at the Same Time?

Usually one to three areas is a good standard. Remember, since there is no general anesthesia used, it is fine to return shortly to have other areas done!

What is the Cost?

Cost depends on the amount of fat, the number of areas being done, and if you want the additional tightening mode used after the laser is done. There are no anesthesia or hospital costs involved since this is done in the office.

Will I be in the Hospital?

No. Your procedure will be done in the office. There is no general anesthesia used so there is no “recovery” that needs to take place. Local anesthesia is used (just like having your teeth worked on) so you can get up and go right after your procedure.

How Can I Find Out More About COOL LIPO?

If you’re interested in learning more about Austin liposuction procedures offered at Aesthetica Med Spa, call us today to schedule your personal consultation with Dr. Sneed.

Liposuction Austin Patient Testimonial

“I just wanted to let you know how successful I found the “Cool–Lipo” procedure to be! Dr. Sneed did exactly as I asked and the results were exactly as I wanted. It’s just as I told him: “I’ve had hangovers that hurt worse than this procedure!” It was a quick recovery and startling results that have been very positive from the way my clothes fit to the way I feel about myself inside and out! Thank you to all the ladies that assist at Aesthetica Med Spa for the after procedure treatments and encouragement! An easy and successful treatment is one thing but knowing the bed-side manner will be exemplary is quite another! “


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